Shadowhunters – Season 1, Episode 3: “Dead Man’s Party”

Shadowhunters – Season 1, Episode 3: “Dead Man’s Party”
Grade: C

An improvement!

The third episode was a lot better than the first two.

While Simon is kidnapped by the vampires and being held hostage at the Hotel DuMort, he’s introduced to Raphael, a young vampire who ends up having a large role in the book series (and is part of one of the best scenes of the episode, Simon throwing a knife into his chest to no avail and then immediately regretting it), and Camille, a character that I wasn’t expecting to be introduced so soon. His scenes in the hotel with Camille were a bit awkward, but mostly because I’m not convinced by the actress playing Camille. She doesn’t seem like she’s hundreds of years old, she doesn’t even feel like she’s twenty years old. Alberto did well, though, as he always does. He did a convincing job pretending to act drunk.

With Clary and the gang, they’re main goal is to save Simon but they can’t without the Clave’s approval, so that means stealing weapons from an old grave and going rogue and nearly starting a war with the vampires. One of the most irritating things about the show is the repetitive scenes that show Alec untrusting of Clary and continuing to voice that opinion every twenty five seconds of every episode. Isabelle hooking up with Meliorn felt forced and not really needed. I know that they already have a fling, so even having Isabelle just want to be there with him instead of looking for information would have been better. Isn’t sneaking into a hotel not that hard if you’re going through the basement? That’s not a difficult thing to work out.

The vampire bar was a fun scene, something a little more spunky than the rest of the show has been, which I liked. And the motorcycle scene, even if the effects weren’t perfect, was a fun moment between Clary and Jace. The scenes at the hotel, fighting the vampires, with Isabelle and Alec sibling tag-teaming all the vampires was a great scene (I really love Isabelle’s whip and the effects for it are surprisingly good looking). Raphael letting Simon go was also an interesting nod to what’s to come with him becoming an ally to the Shadowhunter gang.

There’s still a lot of improvement that’s needed to make this show great, but I think it’s getting somewhere.


The vampire/biker bar scene
made the episode more fun and less intense as it has been since the beginning, especially the demon motorcycle that can go incredible fast and can fly!

To be honest, anything Simon says,
because it’s usually hilarious. And the scene trying to escape Raphael was funny. Alberto is one of the bright spots of the entire show.


Alec non-stop complaining
about his distrust of Clary and arguing with Jace over it. It’s been in every episode thus far and is getting tired. Either suffer in silence or shut up, Alec. You’re becoming annoying and that’s not fair to you, because you’re one of the best characters in the books.

Isabelle and Meliorn’s hook up
seemed a bit force and awkward. It wasn’t really needed, to be honest, so I’m not sure it had to be done at all. That’s a bit frustrating for her character. But I do hope they work with Meliorn a little more to develop a relationship there.


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