The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 10: “The New World”

The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 10: “The New World”
Grade: A

Someone just saw one of their new favorite episodes of The Walking Dead. That person is me. “The New World” is the Rick & Daryl buddy cop comedy episode of my dreams. There is so much in the episode that I loved, I can’t even handle it. The people of Alexandria have been safe for the last few weeks since the mid-season premiere, getting comfortable and into a mundane routine, fixing up the town and broken wall, being more of a normal community.

Michonne living with Rick, Carl, and Judith is the best. Having her fill the role of mother/big sister to Carl (because I do think it’s more of a sibling-type bond than motherly) has been one of my favorite parts of the show since back at the prison when she would go off on runs to find the Governor and bring back presents for him. Seeing her in a robe and towel on her head, they felt like a family, they are a family. And that’s confirmed throughout the episode. But more on that later.

Rick and Daryl plan to go on a run. Daryl confirms a list with Denise, the doctor, who requested orange Crush pop—yes, I said pop, I’m from Michigan—because Tara had mentioned it in her sleep and she wanted to surprise her if she liked it. This exchange is the most adorable moment of the entire episode and I want Daryl and Denise to talk to each other more often. There were so many light parts of this episode, it was a perfect breath of air from the previous episode that was so dark and grim. It continues that idea of what Rick was talking about at the end, the new world he wanted to show Carl.

Rick and Daryl go on their run to find anything or anyone and come across a truck full of food and supplies. After taking it, they stop to flip over a vending machine using the truck and are run into by a guy named Jesus who claims he running from Walkers. After a quick diversion, the truck is stolen by Jesus with the vending machine chained to the back. Rick and Daryl follow it, find the vending machine left on the side of the road—where Daryl is able to get some Crush for Denise—and continues to follow the truck’s tracks to find Jesus, parked on the road to get something from the back. They fight him, who turns out to be a ninja, and tie him down, only to later learn that he’s on the roof of the truck after they take off and drive away. There’s another chase in a field with Walkers and a lake, and after a struggle, Jesus is knocked out and the truck—with Daryl’s pack with a Crush—rolls back and sinks to the bottom.

Honestly, the entire storyline is hilarious. There’s moment where I genuinely laughed out loud, something I never thought I’d do with an episode of The Walking Dead and I’m glad for the lighter change of pace for the episode’s main storyline.

Back at Alexandria, Michonne sees Deanna’s son Spencer going alone into the woods with a shovel and follows him. He tells her he needs to do something but won’t tell her what. Carl and Enid hang out in the woods reading comics and see Michonne and Spencer, but after Enid wants to go back, they start back toward Alexandria. On the way, they see a Walker and Carl wants to kill it as to not endanger Michonne by leaving it. But before he can, they notices something about the Walker—revealed later to be the zombified Deanna. Carl leads her to Michonne and Spencer instead of killing it. Spencer, who had seen Deanna during the chaotic mess of the Walkers getting into town. He tearfully kills her, letting Michonne help him, and the two of them bury her. Later, Michonne finds Carl to ask him why he was in the woods, and he explains that Spencer should’ve been the one to kill Walker-Deanna like he had for his mom, he says it should be someone who cared for and loved her, and that he would do the same for her. That moment, Carl and Michonne recognizing that they’d kill each other’s Walker-selves is a strange/touching moment, telling each other that they love and care for each other.

After Rick and Daryl bring Jesus to Denise to get checked out—and Daryl tells her that the pop thing didn’t work out—and then lock him up in an empty house/apartment in town, he goes home and he and Michonne talk about their hard days on the couch. Rick gives Michonne mints in placement of the toothpaste she requested, and they hold hands. At this point, I stand up on the couch with excitement, and then they kissed. I screamed. I jumped up and down. And the kissing turned into full-on fade to black it’s going down. I’m overjoyed that Michonne and Rick have come together, something that I’ve seen being built for a while now, or at least hints about it here and there. It makes me incredibly happy that Michonne has opened herself up to a family again, and Rick has started to feel the same. Michonne and Rick are seen naked in bed sleeping before Jesus, standing at the foot of the bed, says that they need to talk, to which Michonne and Rick burst out of bed, weapons in hand.

I am beyond thrilled with this episode. A lighter episode, some hilarious moments, and a fun story to play with was just what The Walking Dead needed—just enough of a breath of fresh air from of the constant doom and death. I can say, however, that now that it’s over, I’m ready for more Walker killing. And I’m ready for whatever Jesus is about to bring and the inevitable introduction to Negan.


A Rick and Daryl
spin-off of them being bad cop/worse cop would be incredible. This was one of the most fun episodes of the show yet and I loved the lighter tone. Some favorite quotes:

“The hell is pop?” “Oh, I’m originally from Ohio.”
“Do you even have ammo?” [Daryl and Rick shoot the same Walker at the same time]

continues to be a great addition to the cast. Merritt Wever is amazing and such a likable, normal person and that comes through in her acting. That scene with Daryl was fantastic and adorable.

Michonne and Rick
kiss and sleep together. I have been wanting it to happen for a long time, hoping that Michonne would become a part of the Rimes family, but never thought they’d actually do it and I’m so happy they decided to go in that direction with the characters.


No Crush for Denise
means no surprise for Tara. I severely wanted, after all they went through in the episode, that the only thing they came back with was a single can of pop just for Denise to give to Tara. That would have been a great moment, but he lost the last can in the lake with the truck. I hope he’s able to find one anyway and give it to Denise later.

Super Magic Flying Ninja Jesus
had some moments that felt a little too unbelievable. How in the world did he untie himself and jump up onto the rood of that big truck within a few seconds? And how did he get out of the little jail they set up, presumably being watched, and get into Rick and Michonne’s bedroom? Why does he wear that dumb leather trench coat? The (new) world may never know.


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