The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 11: “Knots Untie”

The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 11: “Knots Untie”
Grade: B+

(I missed last week’s episode because of the Oscars, so I didn’t get this review up before episode 12—but I did get to watch the last two episodes in a row, which makes the show a lot more fun.)

In episode 11, “Knots Untie,” Jesus has broken out of his little prison and wants to negotiate a deal between his people and the people of Alexandria—as they have traded with other communities and want the same with Alexandria. The biggest shocker is that there are more than just Hilltop, Jesus’s community, as well as Negan’s—and quite possibly others.

Jesus takes the gang to Hilltop to show them what they have and that it’s not some sort of trap. After a detour saving some of Jesus’s people, they make it to Hilltop—a walled section of land with a little farm, some mobile homes, and a large garden surrounding an enormous mansion that had been converted to a museum. There resides Gregory, the leader of Hilltop. After a rough meet, Maggie and Gregory speak to make a deal—but as Gregory is a Total Dick, they don’t settle on anything. The scene was really great, though. Lauren Cohan is always amazing and it was great seeing Maggie negotiating, holding her own.

Three Hilltop residents return then, one of them telling Gregory that Negan still has one of their own, the man’s brother. To get his brother back, Negan wants Gregory’s head, so the man stabs Gregory causing a chaotic brawl of Rick and Co taking out the man and the others defending him—Rick’s response to everyone staring at him after slitting the man’s neck after he tried to kill him is “What?”—and eventually Jesus steps in. Abraham, being strangled for a moment, hears Sasha’s voice instead of Rosita’s on the verge of possible death, clearly making his choice—leaving the necklace Rosita made for him on the ground.

To make things right, Gregory—who survived—and Maggie and the group agree to take out Negan’s people for half of what Hilltop has, plus a future relationship of trading. Gregory agrees. Before leaving, Maggie and Glenn stop at the doctor’s trailer, who has a ultrasound machine and check up on their baby. The group returns home having plans to go to war once again with Negan’s people, the Saviors.

Episode 11 was a fairly good episode, for me, but not a great one. To be honest, I think it happened a bit too quick—we barely know the people at Hilltop and now the Alexandrians are getting ready to help them (yes, which will help them, too) but will potentially get them killed. I wish there’d been more time with Hilltop before this plan. At the same time, though, it couldn’t have really gone any other way. Good acting, a lot of great moments, a fairly good episode.


Rick’s response
to everyone appalled, staring at him after killing the other guy, “What?” made me laugh out loud.

Maggie and Gregory negotiating
is fantastic—he’s being a total dick and Maggie just holds her own, not letting him dismiss her so easily. Well acted and was the highlight of the entire episode.


Abraham choosing Sasha
is both exciting—I love Sasha—and awful—I love Rosita—and I feel terrible for her. I hope Abraham handles it with Rosita well, because I feel bad for her in the whole situation. (Spoilers: because I’ve seen the next episode before writing this, he doesn’t. He handles it so so so poorly.)

Wanted more time at Hilltop
to get to know more about them. Alexandria crew has already left to fight a battle for them, which is great for the show, but I all felt too quick.


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