The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 12: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 12: “Not Tomorrow Yet”
Grade: A-

Episode 12, “Not Tomorrow Yet,” is intense—all of my favorite episodes of this show can be described that way. The show is at its best with a larger portion of the cast all having a part in what’s happening and when the intensity is turned way up.

The episode begins with Carol just being Carol, baking cookies and taking care of business, and truly seeming to enjoy herself as the homemaker, “mother”—as Carol’s new gentleman friend points out later—of Alexandria. Though I legit immediately assumed she’d poisoned everyone with the cookies because you never know with Carol. Rick and the others return, calling for a meeting at the church. Rick explains what their goal is and wants to know if anyone objects—of course Morgan does, but after Aaron is all for it (still feeling guilty about what happened with the Wolves—it looks like the plan is on.

Abraham breaks up with Rosita in the worst way possible—he just starts packing and doesn’t even want to tell her why he’s leaving. She forces him to, and his reason: “When I met you I thought you were the last woman alive. Now I know you’re not.” Ouch. I feel terrible for Rosita and I’m incredibly upset with Abraham for doing that to her and I hope Sasha finds out, calls him out, and lets him be alone forever.

Part of the plan to get into Negan’s compound is to bring a head that looks almost like Gregory (which they find a few Walkers who look similar to him, choosing the closest match) allowing some sort of entrance into the compound—making sure that no one sees that Jesus or the other guy is helping, to keep Hilltop safe—and get the Hilltop member who was being held hostage out. Everyone works smoothly, taking out the guards, and getting into the compound while Negan’s crew is sleeping. The plan goes incredibly smooth, all working together like a well-oiled machine. While sneaking into each room, stabbing a knife into the eye of the sleeping members of Negan’s crew to make as little noise as possible, Glenn has a hard time, as does Heath, but they have to. As Rick had said, “We come for them before they come for us.” Everything works until one of the men are awake, pulling an alarm that wakes the others. All hell breaks loose and a full shootout unfolds.

While—miraculously—no on is killed but Negan’s crew, except a lone survivor outside. Before killing him, a woman’s voice is heard over a radio the man has. Rick talks to her and she informs them that they have Maggie and Carol, both of whom had decided to keep watch—Maggie wanting to be useful since she made the deal with Gregory and Carol wanting to protect her because she’s pregnant. It’s clear that the amount of people they killed inside the compound wasn’t all of Negan’s men—and we know for sure that Negan hadn’t been in there, as he’ll be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and has yet to appear.

Meanwhile, back at Alexandria Morgan is building a cell similar to the cell he’d been put in as he learned that all life is precious, and after the compound raid, Tara and Heath go on their two week run—but I doubt any of Negan’s people still alive would allow them to get far, so it’s possible they aren’t going too far just yet. Or maybe they’re aren’t as many people watching as I think and they’re long gone.

“Not Tomorrow Yet” was intense, emotional, action-packed. One of the best episodes thus far in the second half of this season.


Choosing heads
of Walkers to match Gregory’s on the road and Rick punching the winner in the face to hide any differences made me laugh—I like Rick when he’s unintentionally hilarious and insane.

Intense shootout and fluid execution
was really well done. Not just for the characters, swapping out people and taking out the guards brilliantly, but the entire silently killing the men and shootout was shot really well and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Gabriel stepping up
and killing one of the escaped Savior’s in the yard had me excited—I was getting tired of Gabriel pretending he was in a world where these things didn’t need to be done. It had to be done: pray for ‘em, take ‘em out, Father—just as he did.


No one died
which is usually an exciting thing, but I seriously doubt that not a single Alexandrian had been shot or killed in that compound shootout.

Knowing Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Negan
made the entire shootout feel less final for me. I knew it wasn’t all of Negan’s men, so the twist at the end of them being more and having Carol and Maggie has hostages didn’t have the same amount of oh man there’s more of them! because I already knew that. Michonne’s line to Rick, “I just wonder which one was Negan” didn’t help that, either.


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