Shadowhunters – Season 1, Episode 9: “Rise Up”

Shadowhunters – Season 1, Episode 9: “Rise Up”
Grade: C+

With the ninth episode of Shadowhunters, we’ve reached a point where they have strayed from the books quite a bit to stretch out the story. In “Rise Up,” a lot of change and unfamiliar story made it more enjoyable for me, as I have read (and like) the books. I think that change helped me separate the show and the book, making the episode better. It wasn’t a perfect episode—still not even the best episode so far—and though I’m not really happy with all the changes they’re making, the episode worked for what they’re doing on the show. Though it suffered from too fast a pace—especially with Simon’s change from anger to contentment with being a vampire in a matter of hours.

While Simon is coping with having turned into a vampire, Clary does her best to be there for him, following him when he ran away. He saves him from killing his mother and doesn’t stop being there for him—after all, she did this to him and she isn’t going to let him step out of her life just because he’s different now. Clary and Simon go to the Hotel Dumort for help, Raphael giving Simon blood and eventually a place to be now that he’s one of the vampires.

Meanwhile, Meliorn is arrested by Lydia (and Alec) at the Institute and taken to be question where he gives up to them that Clary already has the Mortal Cup. He’s to be taken to the Silent Brothers and Isabelle and Jace, with the help of Magnus, steal back the tarot card the Cup is in, and find Clary and Simon. Clary decides that with Luke and Raphael’s help, an alliance with the wolves and vampires, will give them enough people to stop Lydia and Alec to free Meliorn. They’re plan is successful, but at the price of Jace and Alec getting into an emotional fight about choosing the right side. Afterward, Meliorn thanks Clary for her help and tells her that he knows a way to find her mother.

Overall, a decent episode. Not as good as it’s been going for the past few episodes, but not terrible—comparing to other Shadowhunter episodes. (Note: I grade each episode comparing only to itself. A grade like a B for The Walking Dead is not the same thing as a B for The Magicians, and it’s not the same thing as a B for Shadowhunters.)


Alec and Jace fighting
was a surprisingly emotional—a little dramatic on Jace’s end—and well-acted, scene that worked well. I genuinely said, “Aww. No, don’t fight! STOP MAKING EACH OTHER SAD!”

A few funny moments
with the wolves and vampires, mainly Raphael and Luke, digging at each other with the good ole’ schoolyard werewolves are dogs/vampires are bloodsuckers remarks.

Raphael: Stay. Good boy.
Luke: Bite me.
Raphael: Roll over.
Luke: Play dead.
Simon: Boom!
*high fives*

Valentine is a no show
for this episode and it was delightful. Again, I don’t hate Valentine’s actor, but including him all the time for no apparent reason (though done well in the last episode) isn’t needed.


The effects
are either getting better or I’m going blind. Or maybe I’m getting used to them. The wall disappearing when going to the Silent Brothers looked kind of bad, but Magnus’s magic is looking great.

Alec and Lydia’s engagement
both infuriates me and has me intrigued. I’m interested in where this story is headed, because there’s some good tension there with Alec against everyone else. At the same time, I hate it and I just want Alec and Magnus to be together. Episode 12 is titled “Malec,” so I don’t think I’ll have to wait long. (Side-note: when Alec and Lydia told Isabelle and Jace that they were getting married, I so wanted Isabelle and Jace to both be like, “But you’re hella gay, Alec.”)


Jace and Clary
kissing in the street. You two JUST MET. And I know in the book there isn’t much time between meeting and falling for each other, but I only remember them kissing once—way different from their first kiss on the show. I just feel like the insta-love in the show is more obvious, more intense in the show than in the book. I know everything for them is about to be shattered anyway, so I’m not too concerned, but stopping to kiss when they have literally everything going wrong, it’s the last thing that should be on their mind.

isn’t shirtless enough or fun enough in the show. I’ve come to the realization that we’re not going to get the Magnus we know and love. I love Harry Shum Jr, and I don’t hate how Magnus is being played, I just hate how he’s being written.

Clary and not knowing runes
is something that, not only different from the books—and even the show, for that matter: episode one, Clary draws a rune without even realizing it and she drew them all the time in the sketchbook—it’s just stupid. Her special gift is to create runes. And I hope they don’t lose that. I’m tired of her asking “What’s that rune again? I don’t remember how to draw it.”

General complaints
include: steles being like keys (is that a thing in the books? I don’t remember but I’m pretty sure any stele could have been used, Alec’s stele isn’t special), runes being used for dumb, unnecessary things (like Isabelle drawing a rune on a smoke bomb that…did nothing extra to it? Unless I missed it). Small changes that don’t make any sense make me irritated—unneeded and potentially causing future headaches when those changes mess up the plot (Forsaken getting through the wards at the Institute, Lydia glamouring herself to look like Valentine—which would mess up the idea that Tessa in the Infernal Devices is the only person able to do something like that). I just wish the writers would stick to the rules of the books and go from there.


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