The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 13: “The Same Boat”

The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 13: “The Same Boat”
Grade: A

The thirteenth episode of The Walking Dead, season six, “The Same Boat is going to be one of those episodes I reference a lot when talking about the show. This episode takes characters to new places—especially Maggie. It’s an incredible, intense, superbly-acted episode and definitely a new favorite of mine—especially because it’s cast is (mostly) all women.

The episode opens by recounting what happened in the previous episode, showing how Maggie and Carol were taken hostage by a few of the Saviors—three women and one man, who is shot by Carol at the start. We see the conversation over the walkie-talkie from the side of the Saviors and it continues, Rick and the lead woman, Paula, negotiating a trade for the Savior man the Alexandrians’ have. Instead of making the deal right away, Carol and Maggie are taken to another location, the backs of their jackets covering their heads. Here we have a lot of great POV shots from Carol and Maggie’s perspective—used earlier through Paula’s eyes looking at Rick with the binoculars—that show nothing as to where they are headed.

From the start, it’s clear the small group of Saviors don’t really know how to handle hostages and know they don’t have much of a chance, so they call for other Saviors to come meet them at the safe house they’ve taken Carol and Maggie to. They’re gagged and tied up with duct tape, being left a lone for just a minute—enough time for Carol to retrieve a rosary from the ground, dropped from a Walker inside the room before them. After faking a panic attack, she’s un-gagged and holds the rosary, wanting them to think of her as weak—which works—and tells them that Maggie is pregnant, to keep her from harm.

The man is in severe pain from the gunshot in his shoulder, blaming Carol for it, and says he wants to kill her. After he hits Paula for telling him to stop, Maggie trips him, and she and Carol fight him off until Paula knocks him out, causing his death. Maggie is taken out of the room by one of the women, held up in a different area by ‘Chelle, who shows some sign of sympathy for Maggie because she’d been pregnant, too, but had lost it. After Carol mentions Negan, they respond by telling her “We’re all Negan.”

On the radio, Rick and the others want to trade for Carol and Maggie, and Paula realizes that they’re close because there wasn’t static on the radio, and they leave Carol on her own to check things out. Carol uses the rosary, sharpening it on the concrete, to puncture the duct tape and free herself. She then finds Maggie, and the two of them begin to plan their escape. After tying up the man, who’d Turned, they leave him as a trap to get rid of one of the women—Maggie knocks her down, stabbing her repeatedly in a rage. This is the first time we’ve seen Maggie lose it, killing a person and not a Walker. It’s clear that Carol fears what she’s becoming, and as she’d counted how many people she’d killed in the last episode, fears what they’re all becoming—or has become—including herself. After a fight with ‘Chelle that nearly gets Maggie’s stomach cut, endangering the baby, Carol shoots her and all that leaves is Paula, who Carol reluctantly kills, pushing her into a spike holding a Walker, impaling her, and getting herself bit in the face.

With the other Saviors coming, Maggie and Carol set a trap, using the radio and impersonating Paula to tell them to meet them “on the kill floor,” a room with a large locked door where they douse the floor with gasoline. Once the Saviors are inside, they light it with a cigarette and let them burn alive. After Rick and the other Alexandrians arrive with the other Savior, Glenn and Maggie are reunited and she breaks down telling him she “can’t do it anymore.” And Daryl goes to Carol and asks if she’s all right, to which she replies, “No. I’m not.”

The final Savior claims that he’s Negan, and though Carol knows that it’s something the Saviors say—and that there’s probably a different, actual Negan out there (which we already know is true)—it’s too late, because Rick kills him.

What I loved about this episode was that it had mostly women characters fighting, and killing, and Maggie and Carol doing all the stuff Rick or Daryl or any of the men would have done in their situation. Aside from that, the acting was top notch, especially the actresses Melissa McBride as Carol, Alicia Witt as Paula, and Lauren Cohan as Maggie—truly extraordinary work in different ways and or different reasons. Lauren Cohan did a lot of physical work in this episode, fighting and killing a woman in cold blood, going darker and more rage-filled than Maggie’s ever gone, and she played that emotional journey well throughout the entire episode. Melissa McBride perfectly playing Carol as both tough, capable Carol and Carol, the weaker “church mouse,” the line between blurred where Carol’s own fears came in and it’s just fantastic to watch. Alicia Witt’s Paula has little to know humanity left within her, and playing that stone-like character with such ease, without overselling it, made for a great, memorable one-episode villain.

Overall this episode reminded me a lot of the Rick/Daryl buddy cop comedy episode that was episode ten’s “The New World,” pairing Maggie and Carol together for their own little adventure, though this was far darker, less light-hearted, and had a hell of a lot more murder in it. So it was better.


Carol and Maggie
kicking ass and escaping, killing everyone in sight. There was a lot of intense moments and I was genuinely worried for most of the episode that either Maggie or Carol would be killed, and with the lack of deaths for the Alexandrians in the last episode, I was sure one of them wouldn’t make it. This pair, two of my favorite characters, in their own episode was fantastic.

The acting
in this episode is incredible. Both Melissa McBride and Alicia Witt, did an amazing job with their scenes together, and the story worked so perfectly for their characters almost mirroring each other. And great work by Lauren Cohan, too.


I need Maggie and Glenn
to stop being separated. It’s getting tired and hard for me to watch because one of these times, someone will end up dead. I was sure that this episode would be the one where we lost Maggie. I’m glad I was wrong, but I fear one of them is in for it.


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