The Magicians – Season 1, Episode 10: “Homecoming”

The Magicians – Season 1, Episode 10: “Homecoming”
Grade: B+

Immediately following the previous episode, Penny—having touched the button—ends up in what’s called the Neitherlands, an enormous maze of a place with fountains everywhere, each one leading to a different world. Penny meets a a guardian of the Neitherlands, a girl played by Katie Findlay, who, at first, seems awesome until he shows her the button—then she attacks him. The guardians are working for the Beast and Penny runs, unable to Travel back, getting too lost to find his way back to the Earth fountain. He taps into Quentin’s head while he’s dreaming for help—in a hilarious scene of him dreaming himself as Indiana Jones while Julia as Princess Lei in her slave costume and Alice as that dragon princess girl from Game of Thrones (I don’t watch, so I don’t know her name) make out. Quentin agrees to help and Penny, stuck in the Neitherlands, evades the guardians. He ends up in a never-ending library of all the books ever written in every world ever. He meets a librarian who helps him find the book of Martin Chatwin (everyone has a book of their life, Penny about to start reading his before he’s stopped, the librarian telling him it’s best not to). She gives him copied pages of the book, and sending him back up to the fountains, where he sits and waits for Quentin’s help.

Alice and Quentin go to her parents house for help. Alice’s mom knows a Traveler that can help them get to the Neitherlands or get Penny out. When they arrive, her parents are celebrating ancient Roman holiday, having an orgy. Alice and her mother fight—the Traveler her mother knows and her mother are having an affair, making it difficult for Alice to bring it up, as her father once found out about a different affair and threatened to commit suicide. But since, Joe—the Traveler—has become their third, poly-amorous partner, so it’s not a problem. Joe tells Alice and Quentin that the best way to help Penny is to perform a sex spell that will create a beacon, lighting up the Earth fountain to help Penny find his way back—but they must climax at the same time. Since sometimes Alice doesn’t orgasm during sex with Quentin, they’re worried they won’t be able to do it. After they try too hard, they stop and fight instead. Finally, they start again and Alice tells him exactly what she wants and they’re able to make the beacon, allowing Penny to find the fountain and jump through—arriving in their bedroom.

Julia has been talking online to a bunch of other magicians, other hedges that Richard knows, forming a bond with them all. Richard comes over to have them all meet and perform spell together, but for Julia and another of them, who are still learning, to go through some spells in a book. That one turns out to have been Kady all along, and when they learn who each other are, they’re clearly not happy. Though the two of them start get along after doing some spells together while the rest of the group does a secret spell in the other room with the door closed. They talk about her mother’s death and forgive each other for what happened. Richard and the others use time magic; Kady and Julia suddenly relive a moment they just had experience, realizing that the time had shifted a minute, repeating itself. Richard later tells them that he accidentally left his 8 month old son in a hot car, killing him because he was a drug addict. All of them want something, something to change using time, and they’re trying to summon a god, the source of magic, to do it.

A fourth storyline with Eliot and Margo seemed to bog down the episode a little, even though it was funny. While Eliot is too high/drunk to help with Quentin and Alice, Margo takes him to rest and then to the infirmary. Eliot is fine but Margo has some sort of problem: someone, or something, is draining her life force. Eliot and Margo visit her ex-boyfriend, who’s created a gollum that looks exactly like her, because he wanted her to stay, wanting a relationship with her look-alike. They nickname her Margollum and take her back with them before destroying it.

Though a little bogged down with one too many storylines, the episode was interesting and furthered the plot along with the Beast. Julia’s story, both interesting and fits well within the episode. Eliot and Margo’s wasn’t needed, but was funny anyway.


The Neitherlands
and the library were really interesting. I hope we get to know more about them and visit again, especially to get more time with Katie Findlay, the guardian who is working for the Beast.

Kady and Julia
working together was great. I like that they’re connecting more of the two storylines here, bringing it all together.

Quentin’s sex dream
is probably the funniest thing that’s been on the show so far. (Quentin: “Oh, I respect the two of you too much. I’m actually a feminist—” Alice: “If you would just shut up for two seconds, this sex dream would pass the Bechdal test.”)


Four storylines
was too much for a single episode. As much as I love Margo and Eliot, they weren’t needed here other than being some comedic relief. A fourth story made the episode too filled.


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