The Magicians – Season 1, Episode 13: “Have You Brought Me Little Cakes”

The Magicians – Season 1, Episode 13: “Have You Brought Me Little Cakes”
Grade: B+

The finale of The Magicians finally have our characters in Fillory, working together to defeat the Beast. But in “Have You Brought Me Little Cakes” wasn’t exactly the satisfying conclusion I was hoping for, even if it was a fantastic episode overall.

Quentin and Julia are in Fillory, during the 1940s, searching for a way to get to the future Fillory to find Alice, Eliot, Margo, and Penny. They run into Jane Chatwin and realize that in the books, two mysterious characters that save Jane as a young girl are actually them. They save her, then run into Martin Chatwin. He helps them get to a man who will make them a blade that will kill the Beast, but it will take a long time—decades—to finish as the type of material needs to be powerful and it will take a long time. His request is to be on a royal court—Quentin and Julia will likely be the king and queen, as Fillory’s royalty are non-natives—and they agree. Martin warns them that the Watcher Woman is coming and runs, leaving Quentin and Julia to run into her—she turns out to be an older Jane Chatwin. She learns of her death and tells Quentin about a block in Julia’s mind about the day they’d called upon Our Lady Underground that Julia doesn’t remember correctly, but leaves it there. She sends them to the future and they find Alice, Eliot, Margo, and Penny in a tavern—all awkward and angry at both Julia and Quentin, from her past behavior and the threesome that made them all hate each other.

After going back for the blade, the man’s son will give it to them if his daughter is married to the high king—who turns out to be Eliot when slicing the hands of the men with a blade that will only cut the true high king—and he agrees to it. Though, with the marriage, Eliot must remain loyal and may never leave Fillory. But once they get the blade, it’s incredibly hot and only a master Magician can wield it. Quentin and Julia find the ram-god Ember who gives him a jar of his semen for someone to ingest to become more powerful to wield the blade. Ember sees Julia’s blocked memory and releases it, causing Julia to become hysterical—the memory of truly happened hitting her all at once. Our Lady underground hadn’t come, the whole thing a trick from the god Reynard the Fox, who killed Richard, taking out his heart, taking over his body and killing the others except for Julia and Kady, who hid. Julia sacrifices herself for Kady, letting her run away, as Reynard raped her.

Penny and Alice are able to find the invisible castle where the Beast has the Traveler, Victoria, imprisoned. She tells them to save the other prisoner as well, who turns out to be Christopher Plover, the Beast—who they figure out is an elder Martin Chatwin—having imprisoned him for what the man did to him as a child. Alice drinks the semen as she’s more skilled and becomes powerful enough to use the blade. But when they confront the Beast, who reveals his face from the swarm mask of moths—which took away all of the mystery and terror—and he quickly is able to fight off the group. Alice goes to take the blade and kill the Beast, but it’s gone—the Beast sends her to floor bleeding from her mouth, throws Eliot and Margo at the wall, slices off Penny’s hands, and goes to Quentin next, but is stopped by Julia, the blade at his throat—after Reynard had raped her, Julia gains the same power from him that Alice gained from Ember’s semen. She says she’ll spare the Beast’s life if he helps her take her revenge on Reynard the Fox, which he agrees. The two of them disappear, leaving Quentin in shock and the others to possibly die.


Julia and Quentin
working together and having her a greater part of the story is exactly what I wanted for the end of the season. Julia’s storyline has always kept my interest and I’m glad that it eventually came together with the main story of the show. The fact that she betrayed the others to get revenge is shocking and it gives a whole new storyline to follow with Julia for next season, which should be interesting.

Margo and Eliot
has been a great feature of the show. Showing Eliot grow as a character while dealing with his depression and drinking after Mike to now, doing something for the greater good and marrying some girl he doesn’t know was fantastic. Showing he and Margo’s relationship mending and the two coming together again was great. Also, them both being hilarious is constantly the best.


The “chapters” Quentin
narrated through the beginning (and most of) the episode annoyed me. They were funny and I understood the thought process of him writing the next Fillory book, like Jane did, but it just added nothing to episode. I wanted to be blown away and this didn’t help with that.

The cliffhanger
bothered me quite a lot. Not that I hate cliffhangers or was angry that it happened, just that it wasn’t handled well. Recently, the cliffhanger on The Walking Dead with Negan killing someone, but we the audience don’t know who he killed, didn’t go over well with the fans—I liked it, but that’s a whole other post—and thought it worked for what they were doing. And it felt like an ending of the season, of the episode. The finale of The Magicians didn’t end, it just stopped. Honestly, I thought it had gone to commercial and I didn’t notice until the next show started. It didn’t sit right with me. I didn’t feel like the season came to a satisfying conclusion, nor did the episode. With The Walking Dead cliffhanger I was going “oh no oh no oh no someone’s going to die, he’s hitting them, why did it go black someone’s dying—oh wait THEY’RE NOT GOING TO SHOW IT UNTIL NEXT SEASON? AHHHHH.” The Magicians ended with a “Alice! Penny’s hands! Margo and Eliot! Oh shit, Julia! No way! Oh man!…Oh. Wait. That was it? It’s over? What? But. What?” It just happened too quick. Despite that, I’ll be watching next season and I’m excited for it—still a fantastic show and a great finale, just not what I wanted from it or what I was expecting.


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