Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 2: “We All Fall Down”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 2: “We All Fall Down”
Grade: B

With “We All Fall Down,” the second episode of the second season of Fear the Walking Dead, we’ve come upon the point where the survivors have come across another group of people and interact with them for the first time since the termination of Los Angeles—and like The Walking Dead, we wonder if they can be trusted or not. While there are some good moments, the episode wasn’t as good as first episode—which wasn’t that great to begin with.

With the news of San Diego being burned down just like Los Angeles, they set off for a new plan—despite Strands insistence that they should go anyway—and head to an island where they could find supplies or help. After seeing a light turn on in the house on shore, they pull up and introduce themselves. The family, a husband and wife with three children, one older teenage boy and a younger boy and girl, are odd. They don’t leave the island at all and especially after what’s happened. Madison figures out that the woman had turned the lights on on purpose—despite the insistence by the husband that it was an accident—and that she wanted them to come. We later learn that, after Nick finds pills (clearly poison), that the man plans to have them all commit suicide if something were to happen. The woman asks them to take the young boy and girl, the husband being strict about them not leaving, and Madison agrees to take them. But after the husband finds out, he become angry until the boy says that something happened to the girl. They find her dead, having taken one of the pills after seeing Nick put them back, and she turns, killing her mother and eventually her father, who tells them to take the boy. The teenage son storms the boat before they can go, threatening them with a rifle, not understanding what had happened. They watch as the teenage son shoots the mother, a Walker coming after them on the dock, and they can’t do anything to help the two boys, now alone.

We learn that Strand is meeting someone, as he calls someone on his satellite phone, but we still don’t know what for or who he’s meeting—or why he’s taking everyone with him. Ofelia and Daniel talk, she understanding him now after she’s learned the world to be so cruel, that she understand that he has had to do what he thought was needed to be done. Daniel then looks through Strands stuff and finds an assault rifle and maps, plans to where he’s headed. Chris helps the teenage son clear the fence of Walkers and he seems to enjoy it, scaring Travis.

Overall, the episode was fine. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t terrible. I’m really hoping that this season gets back to what made me like the show in the first—especially the first three episodes and the finale. I liked the idea of the apocalypse going slow, showing the end. But because they skipped nine days of being in containment, it already feels like we’re almost at the same timeframe of The Walking Dead, which is sort of defeating the purpose of the spin-off.


The idea of an island
was interesting. They could possibly stay and have enough to live. And the idea of meeting new people, dealing with what they have to deal with. The story of the family worked well for the episode, making the episode an interesting look at how people react to the apocalypse—but I think having none of them escape and go with them was a mistake. It could’ve added to the story, giving them—or at least one character—something to focus on, caring for the kid.

playing with the kids was a nice look at who he is as a person, not what his addiction makes him, but who he really is. He had a great arc of wanting to take care of the kids and I hoped that the boy would end up going with them, giving Nick someone to take care of, someone to help him get through his journey of getting clean and adjusting.

plan is slowly being revealed, leaving me intrigued. I’ll continue to watch the show no matter what, but especially to know his motivations and what he’s up to and why he agreed to bring everyone with him.


The family
on the island was fairly predictable. The wife clearly wanted out, the husband was weird and controlling, the kids were talking about the pills that would help them, and the teenage son was overly protective. It sort of wrote itself within the first few moments with the family.


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