Orphan Black – Season 4, Episode 1: “The Collapse of Nature”

Orphan Black – Season 4, Episode 1: “The Collapse of Nature”
Grade: A+

The return of Orphan Black—in more ways than one—was the highlight of my week. Season four started off with an insane, mind-blowing episode that helped bring Orphan Black to the start again, connecting some dots, and letting us finally meet Beth, the suicidal clone that started it all. “The Collapse of Nature” brings back the Neolutionists, introduces a new clone—that’s been there all along?—and kicks off the sure to be crazy new season—with the first episode being one, long flashback. My favorite show is back!

With the first episode, it’s all about Beth Childs, the first clone of Sarah’s that she and we ever saw, way back in episode one, who killed herself before we could even learn anything about her, starting off the series. In one long flashback, Beth receives a tip about a dead body being buried in the woods by a new-to-us clone M.K. The body turns out to be a Neolutionist with his cheek removed and Beth starts to uncover the mystery behind them—we see Dr. Leekie and Olivier again—and she knew far more than previously thought. She speaks with M.K, a hacker who seems to know much more about everything than the others, giving Beth information to help, but she didn’t want Cosima, Katja, or Allison to know about her yet.

Beth’s struggle with her addiction is prevalent throughout as she starts to unravel—Allison gives her pills and a bottle of her daughter’s urine—but she’s kicked off the case, using the urine for her drug test to pass. After fighting with Paul, she sleeps with Art—explaining his connection to her reaching far more than partner and friend—and is called to help one of the Neolutionists from the club find her boyfriend. After taking some drug, he finds him having something taken out of his cheek, a bug similar to the one Delphine had found in Nealon’s mouth by a couple who had buried the other body and a cop that had worked with Beth. She’s found out and chased by the cop, high and running through the alley, she sees Maggie Chen and shoots without thinking. Art comes and helps her cover it up, putting the phone in Chen’s hand to create the story we know from the first season.

Later, back in the present, Art calls Sarah and hands the phone over to M.K. who tells Sarah that she needs to leave Iceland where they were keeping the original, Mrs. S’s mother Kendall, as the Neolutionists know where they are and they’re coming for Kendall. Sarah looks out the window and sees lights heading their way.

Overall, this episode is one of Orphan Black’s best. I agree with what’s being said that it’s brought the show back to its roots, bringing it back to the beginning since the last season had such a heavy, confusing storyline. Although I’ve loved every minute of Orphan Black as a whole, watching this episode made me feel like I had watching the first season—excited and obsessive and in love with this show like I forgot I had been without realizing it.


Beth’s story
is heartbreaking and I’ve wanted to know more about her, know what she knew, why she killed herself, anything. This episode was incredible and it finally showed the days leading to Beth’s death, what happened with Maggie Chen, and her relationships with both Paul and Art. Using the entire episode as a flashback was bold and it worked so so so well.

New clone M.K.
is awesome. I always love a new clone and I’m thrilled with her addition to the show. The fact that she knows so much makes me believe that we’ll finally start to get more answers than mystery. And bringing in M.K, using her as sort of a bridge to connect Beth’s past and the future of the show is genius.

Seeing other characters
throughout was fun. Felix being in the police station for a minute, nearly seeing Beth; Dr. Leekie and Olivier (and his tail); Paul and Beth, always being a fascinating dynamic to me; and Cosima and Allison on the phone with Beth. Those moments made it connect more to the present while we learned more about Beth.


I don’t have any. It was a really great episode. The best episode. My new favorite episode.


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