Orphan Black – Season 4, Episode 2: “Transgressive Border Crossing”

Orphan Black – Season 4, Episode 2: “Transgressive Border Crossing”
Grade: A

The second episode of the fourth season, “Transgressive Border Crossing,” starts where we left off in the last episode with Sarah escaping Iceland with Kira, Mrs. S, and Kendall, as M.K. had warned them that the Neolutionists know where they are and are coming. Back home, they meet up with Cosima and Scott in the basement of a comic book store and make a plan.

Sarah, with the help of Art, searches Beth and Paul’s apartment for anything they can find on what Beth was investigating the Neolutionists for, and they find the camera she’d hid to watch Paul. After watching it, they see the pregnant Neolutionist girl Beth had helped the boyfriend of in the previous episode, going back to the club Neolution with Felix—who’s feeling distant from Sarah and the others, learning that he’s the only one out of their foster family who isn’t actually related, and having decided to search for his bio-family—and learn about the body-mod worms the Neolutionists have in their cheeks from a guy who’s meeting M.K, thinking Sarah is her. After he shows a video of the worms killing the host after it’s attempted to take it out, he realizes that it’s not M.K. and Sarah steals his phone to meet up with her.

After (sort of) meeting in a laundry mat—M.K. talking about the last time she saw Beth (with a gun, panicked with blood on her hands, wearing the same thing she was when she killed herself in episode one) on the phone while watching Sarah via a security camera—two of the Neolutionists posing as paramedics attack her and check her mouth for a worm. Sarah returns and has Mrs. S check with a flashlight, as she’d been held by the Neolutionists, and in her cheek is one of the worms. Meanwhile, Cosima is getting worse while she and Scott try to use Kendall’s DNA to create a cure for her illness. Helena goes to the doctor with Donnie, pretending to be Allison because of insurance, and learns she’s having twins.

Overall, a fantastic episode. I’m intrigued about the body-mod worms and what they’re for and what it means for Sarah—and likely Kira—having one in their cheek. And I’m excited for Felix to have his own story, to explore his parentage and where he comes from now that he knows that everyone else in his foster family is related to each other and he’s left out. But most of all, I’m thrilled with Beth’s inclusion this season—even as heartbreaking as it is—and loved seeing the moment saying goodbye to M.K. just before going off to commit suicide, which we saw in episode one. It became full-circle and worked so well for the episode and the season. I love where they’re going with the show this season and I can’t wait for more!


Felix’s new storyline
of finding his parentage and dealing with being isolated from his family, who he just found out is all related to one another. I’m glad that they’re giving Felix a larger story to work with instead of just helping out his sisters along the way, but being active in doing his own thing. And I’m excited to see where they go with it.

Helena is having twins
just like she and Sarah, which made me cry. That weird bond they have is incredible—coming from a point of literally wanting to, and attempting to, kill each other for the first season and a half—and I loved the moment with Donnie in the hospital during the ultrasound.

is still involved in this episode, Sarah and Art finding the camera she’d put in the apartment to watch Paul, and in a few flashbacks. Seeing the final moment between her and M.K. after she took a gun out while wearing a wig and came back with blood on her hands—who did she kill???—and realizing that it was just before going to the station to jump in front of the train was heartbreaking. Beth’s story is heartbreaking.


Where is everyone
else while all of this is going on? I miss them. We know Delphine is dead (awful, horrible, sad) but what about the characters we had last season? Where are the Castor clones? Where’s Rachel? Are we going to get more Chrystal? I hope we do. I think part of Orphan Black’s problem with the last season was that there were just so many characters, and now they can’t even fit them all in an episode—but I’m glad they’re sort of rebooting the series with Beth’s story and getting back to the Neolutionists, which will really help with all the confusion/too many characters. Even if they’re adding M.K.—she’s cool, so I’m fine with that.


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