Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 3: “Ouroboros”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 3: “Ouroboros”
Grade: B+

With the third episode, “Ouroboros,” Fear the Walking Dead’s second season is getting to the point of meeting my expectations of it. Overall, an improvement to the show from the previous episode that was probably the worst of the entire series thus far. There’s finally a great Walker-horde-against-the-survivor’s scene—with Daniel and the teenagers, who all do great—Nick’s quick adaption to this new world, and Stand’s ruthlessness were definitely at the top moments of the episode.

At the start of the episode, we see the characters from Flight 462, the spin-off web series that aired in segments during the first season and recent season of the original show The Walking Dead, immediately after the plane crash (seen by Nick in mid-season one). The main character, a badass young woman named Alex and a teenage boy, Jake—face and body badly burned and smashed—make it onto the emergency raft with two other men, both wanting to kill Jake in case he dies and turns. After one man attempts it, Alex kills him and pushes him overboard.

We return to the Abigail to find that the yacht has stopped working, something clogging the water filtration system (I think that’s what it was; didn’t catch it)—turning out to be a dead body, the second man from the raft with Alex and Jake. While Travis does his best to fix it, Daniel, Nick, Chris, and Alicia take the skiff to the beach where they see the plane crash site, wanting to look through the luggage for clothes and supplies. On land, Chris takes off to discover more plane wreckage, finding a man still alive (which seems unlikely, as he was stuck, spine broken and sticking out of his back, for at least a week and a half) and puts him out of his misery—giving him insight into what Travis had to do for his mother. Alicia and Daniel search for him while Nick falls down a small cliff, nearly being attacked by two Walkers. When Alex arrives, running from a horde of Walkers, the others find themselves backed to the edge of a cliff, having to fight their way out, while Nick arrives covered in Walker blood, able to be undetected by them.

The group is able to get to the skiff, as Alex tells them they have to make a stop—for the other raft, where the kid is, still alive—and they make it back to the yacht. Strand says that he’s not taking on Alex and the kid, so Madison and Travis suggest letting them stay on the raft, tied to the yacht with some food and water. Strand reluctantly agrees, then later, cuts the rope in front of Madison, leaving them stranded.


Alex from the plane
spin-off, Flight 462, being added to the main show (even if for the episode) was great. She’s a badass and could be an interesting addition to the cast of characters on the Abigail—or at least she could’ve been, if Strand hadn’t let their raft float off.

Nick covered in blood
and confronting one of the Walkers was awesome. And I like that they’re figuring out the world of the dead in different ways than they did in the main show. Nick’s an interesting character and I’m excited to see where he goes in this world. After watching the main show, seeing how people change so drastically over time, I’m interested to see how they all—Nick especially—adapt over time.

Teens being more active
in a positive way made this episode much better than previously. Having Chris, Alicia, and Nick on the beach and eventually fighting off the Walkers worked much better than having them whine throughout the entire episode, full of angst. Especially with Chris, finding the man still alive from the plane crash and having to put him out of his misery, made for a more interesting storyline for him.


Alex and Jake being
cut off from the boat, left to drift off in their raft, made me irritated. Alex was a great character and I hope she’s great enough to survive twice out in the ocean, because she would’ve been an incredible addition to the show. I was really invested after watching the short spin-off Flight 462 and bringing that into this episode was exciting—but now they’re just gone again. I hope we’ll see them again—soon.


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