Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 4: “Blood in the Streets”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 4: “Blood in the Streets”
Grade: A-

Episode four, “Blood in the Streets,” is the best episode of the season yet, and quite possibly of the series. I’m thrilled with the direction of this episode, specifically the backstory of Strand, the reveal of Abigail’s namesake, and the takeover of the yacht by the people Alicia had been talking to over the radio in the first episode. This episode has started what seems to be the arc of this season, with both Alicia and Travis taken in hoods by the leader of this other group, potentially leading to more interaction with them for quite some time.

While Nick heads ashore to meet with Strand’s contact, Louis, to get them into Mexico, the yacht is taken over by the group Alicia had been talking to in the premiere. Headed by Reid, a sociopathic Jesse McCartney—I was initially wary about him, not knowing what to think of him in the role, but he did a great job—feigning an emergency with their pregnant companion, get on the yacht and quickly take control as Strand had attempted escape via raft, being shot down by the captors.

The episode also follows Victor Strand’s backstory, starting with him having lost everything during Hurricane Katrina, stealing from a man named Thomas Abigail—the owner of the yacht—who, instead of punishing Strand, obligates him as an employee and they become lovers (either one-sided on Thomas Abigail’s part, with Strand having some sort of motivation for pretending to love him, or both truly caring for one another). Nick goes to meet with another one of Thomas Abigail’s employees, who will get them into Mexico—though he can only let in two, Nick and Strand.

With the group all tied up and live threatened if they’re not able to start the boat, Travis hot-wires the yacht to get it going, while Daniel and Madison attempt to distract the others and defend themselves. After Travis and Alicia are taken by the leader, Nick returns with Louis, shooting the remaining captors and seriously wounding Reid. With Louis there, Madison and the others save Strand from the water, bringing him back aboard.


Strand’s backstory
makes this character even more interesting, revealing how he came into his money, the namesake of the Abigail is a man named Thomas Abigail, and that his employer and lover is that same man, both gives us a little more about him and furthers the mystery of Victor Strand.

Crisis on the yacht
with the captors taking over and waving guns around made for a great episode, getting into a larger story for this season with trying to get to Mexico, this being a big bump in that plan now that Alicia and Travis are taken. The episode just worked and Jesse McCartney as the sociopathic villain was surprisingly great.

The opening scene
with Nick finding his way through the abandoned survivor’s tent-town, killing a Walker and spreading the blood all over him to get by other Walkers was both disgusting and awesome. Nick works in this world well and I like watching him explore it.


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