Orphan Black – Season 4, Episode 3: “The Stigmata of Progress”

Orphan Black – Season 4, Episode 3: “The Stigmata of Progress”
Grade: A-

With the third episode of the fourth season, “The Stigmata of Progress” continues to follow the new refocusing on the show with the Neolutionists and their weird tech-worm-maggot-bot that latches on in the inside of the cheek by the jaw to either extract or insert something into the host. With Sarah having one inside her, she goes on a journey to search for a way to get it out without it killing her while Alison attempts to help Cosima learn more about it. Meanwhile, something strange is going on with Kira—she’s dazing out and having strange visions that frighten her.

Sarah returns to the guy who’d showed her the video, thinking she was M.K. to return his phone and ask for help to get it out. This leads her to a dentist’s office that specializes in implants where a woman who works there recognizes her as Beth. She tells the woman that she has one of the worms in her jaw and asks for the woman to remove it. Meanwhile, in order for Cosima to know more about them and study the worms, Alison and Donnie dig up the body of Dr. Leekie from under their garage to get the worm likely inside of him. As they dig, the police show up to question Allison for the murdered drug dealers Helena had killed in the previous season, forcing Helena to pretend to be her—she just barely is able to give them enough info to get them to leave.

Meanwhile, Felix hangs out with his new-to-him biological half-sister and Mrs. S goes to meet with a friend who can help with the worm in Sarah’s jaw, but is instead found by Ferdinand. As the woman has Sarah frozen in fear of moving as the woman has “pierced the worm” and calls for the Neolutionists, Ferdinand arrives, slitting the woman’s throat and taking Sarah with him.

All the while, we’re given scenes of Rachel recovering in a remote place where she’s trapped inside, with only her younger clone Charlotte as company—with occasional visits from her mother—and the Castor clone Ira as her doctor, giving her treatments for her new bionic eye and helping her regain control to be able to walk again. Since she knows Charlotte—who was cloned directly from Rachel and seems to have the respiratory disease already—can use the internet, she secretly has her send out a message.


Rachel with an eyepatch,
I repeat, Rachel with an eyepatch. I’ve wanted for two seasons for Rachel with an eyepatch and this moment didn’t disappoint. I really, honestly hope that it takes longer to recover so we see her as more of a villain with an eyepatch—either way, it’s white and perfect. Her scenes with the young clone Charlotte, Ira—the Castor clone who is self-aware, raised by the Neolutionists instead of the military—and her mother were fantastic.

Hendrix family murder club
is still my favorite thing. Alison and Donnie digging up Dr. Leekie’s body to find out if he had a bio-worm thing in his cheek was hilarious and disgusting. Coupled with Helena posing as Alison, who is being investigated in the murders of the drug dealers Helena killed last season—so good.


Felix looking for his family
was something I was looking forward to, but they sort of just skipped to the part where he found them—we meet his biological half-sister. I wish they’d shown more of him searching for them instead of just meeting her right away. It would have given Felix a lot to work with. Not sure where they’re going with this now that we’ve met his sister now.


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