Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 5: “Captive”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 5: “Captive”
Grade: A

With each episode of Fear the Walking Dead’s second season, I enjoy it more and more. The fifth episode, “Captive,” worked well to move the characters along toward their goal of getting to Mexico, to a safe zone, but this episode worked best at giving one of my favorite characters on the show, Alicia, a place to grow and become her own character, rather than stay as “one of the teens.”

After Connor’s group, headed by his brother Reed (played well by Jesse McCartney) had taken over the yacht in the last episode and kidnapped Alicia and Travis, our main characters took back control of the Abigail and captured a fatally injured Reed.

While Alicia is brought to Connor’s boat, a land-docked ship, she realizes that there isn’t a way out. She is taught by Jack to scan the radar for vessels to raid, but when she learns that one of them is the Abigail, she realizes that her family couldn’t have been brought to land in time, and that they might be in danger as Jack says Reed often kills their targets. He agrees to help her find them. They find Travis locked up in a cell—who had been taken specifically by Alex, who is with Connor after they stranded her and the injured kid, whom she had to kill and blames Travis for not letting them on. Alicia now knows that it wasn’t only her fault they were targeted. Alicia promises to go back for Travis once they find her family on the Abigail.

Reed taunts Chris, who guards the door he’s captured in, and Chris shoots him—telling everyone that he died and was about to turn, so he had to, but no one believes him once Reed turns anyway, screwing their only plan to trade Reed for Travis and Alicia. Madison uses Walker-Reed with a hood on, trading him for Travis, and once Reed’s hood is taken off by his brother, Reed attacks and kills them while Madison and Travis get away.

Alicia had gone back for Travis, sees his cell empty, and is attacked by the pregnant woman. She fights her off, locking her up, and makes it up to the bow to see that Madison and Travis are safe. After Jack begs her to stay, Alicia chooses her family, jumping off the ship, sliding down the side and into the water to be rescued by Madison and Travis in the skiff, taking her back to the Abigail.

Overall, a fantastic episode. Alicia’s storyline really shined in this one. And there were several great moments of intrigue (Daniel hearing a voice, alone in a room with Walker-Reed; Alex’s motivations; Chris shooting Reed; and of course, Strand and his motivation to get to Mexico) which kept the episode moving, having all the parts connected and creating a solid episode from start to finish.


Alicia being more active
and smart (like she’s been introduced as, but not recently shown) was fantastic. She really shined in this episode, all on her own with the people wanting to keep her for their crew instead of allow her to be with her family. Having her in this more active role of wanting to escape and using Jack to do it, determined to go back for Travis, and ultimately choosing her family over Jack (in the best way possible; her literally jumping ship and sliding down the side to the water was awesome)—all a big thumbs up from me. Alicia is one of my favorite characters on this show, and she was at her best in this episode.

Jesse McCartney
did an incredible job acting as Reed. I hadn’t expected his performance—and in the last episode, I was sort of unsure of him even being a part of the show—but he did a surprisingly great job acting as the sociopathic brother of Connor, the other group’s leader. And the entire storyline of him being injured and captured, killed by Chris, turning, and then used to trade for Travis was fantastic.


Alex is with the crew
and I was glad to see her there for only one reason: it means she lived, obviously, and there’s a possibility of seeing her again. Other than that, I thought it interesting to have her be the reason they captured Travis but there really wasn’t anything else there for her or for that storyline. I’m hoping this was just a hint that she’s alive and that we’ll see her again—and maybe she’ll still want revenge on them for letting the kid with her die. I’m hoping we’ll see her again as a series regular.

(NOTE: I have had an insane week and had little time to gather my thoughts as I usually do for the show, so I’ve written this after seeing the next episode following episode 5 as well. Which I also enjoyed.)


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