Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 10: “Do Not Disturb”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 10: “Do Not Disturb”
Grade: B+

Fear the Walking Dead’s tenth episode, “Do Not Disturb,” focused entirely on the stories of Travis with Chris traveling through Mexico and getting a ride from a group of young men who Chris stole food from; and Alicia, trapped in the hotel and needing to get back down to the ground floor, finding help with the surviving manager of the hotel who, as keeper of the keys, controls the hotel while the other remaining guests want her ousted and killed for locking them up during their wedding at the hotel because of the outbreak.

Because Travis and Chris are on their own, it’s giving their characters a lot more room to breathe while dealing with Chris’s problem with understanding what’s murder and what’s not. Travis just wants them to find a place to live at, a small little farm, something with water and safety, while Chris wants to keep moving, wanting to stay with the guys they meet up with. This brings them to a confrontation with a man with a gun, leading to Chris shooting him.

Alicia is continually becoming more bad ass and she proves her capability in this episode a lot. She’s smart, she knows how to survive. She’s eventually reunited with Madison and Strand with the help of the hotel manager Elena and her nephew Hector, after giving the hotel keys to the other hotel guest survivors, then opening the doors and releasing a horde of Walkers on them.

Overall, a good episode. Travis and Chris’s story is fine, interesting enough, but not doing much for me. Alicia’s story, however, was fantastic. I wish she’d get her own episode the same way that Nick did, because she’s really growing as a great character in this world.


is my favorite character so obviously she was the best part of this episode for me. She’s proving how well she can do in this world over and over. She’s made a few mistakes (even earlier this season) and she doesn’t always make perfect decisions (like yelling in the hall for Ofelia, leading the Walkers toward her) but she can hold her own.

Opening flashback
of the wedding worked really well. It tied in nicely with introducing Elena and setting up the dynamic of the survivors inside the hotel.


Travis and Chris’s story
is still making me not like Chris as a character. I know what they’re doing. He has a problem with understanding what’s acceptable in this new world regarding killing and protecting yourself. But I’m also kind of bored with it. I’d be fine if Travis ditched Chris and let him go with those guys they met, then went back to find Madison.


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