Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 11: “Pablo & Jessica”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 11: “Pablo & Jessica”
Grade: A

Fear the Walking Dead deals with their first real encounter with a ton of Walkers that they need to get rid of/move—clearing the entire hotel to be a safe zone. Coming up with a solution to that is tricky, but with some help from the survivors left from the wedding, Alicia comes up with a plan. Meanwhile, Nick has an idea of making fake Oxy pills to gain more time to figure out what they’ll do about the gang trying to find their colony. He’s then given a trailer to live in and Luciana hears the news of her brother’s confirmed death—and starts to get close to Nick. With the hotel cleared, it’s now safe for them all to live peacefully, though the mother of the bride is still unwilling to welcome the others.


Clearing the hotel
was one of the greatest scenes on Fear the Walking Dead. A brilliant plan, executed well, and nothing went wrong—no, not terribly exciting, but it kept you waiting for something to go wrong. It reminded me of the Walking Dead when they tried to move the enormous horde from the quarry this past season. Though a small-scale version, if that’s the kind of thing Fear the Walking Dead is doing this early in the game, I can’t wait to see how big the stunts/scenes they’ll pull off in the future are. Bonus points from me for having Alicia come up with the idea.

Another break from Travis and Chris
meant more time with Nick at the colony and the rest of the gang at the hotel—which right now, are the shows strong points. These storylines work best and I’m glad they’re stepping back a little from the father/son duo for a while.


Ofelia is still missing
and that worries me. I loved her character and I know that the truck is gone, meaning she probably took it, but she seemed way too distant and out of it to have a sound mind going out on her own for me to be comfortable. This is only a lowlight because I like Ofelia and wish she would come back.


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