Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 12: “Pillar of Salt”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 12: “Pillar of Salt”
Grade: B

All seems happy and joyful in the Fear the Walking Dead episode “Pillar of Salt,” with the survivors at the hotel enjoying the benefits of the generator they have working—like ice and hot showers—and everyone is giddy, cleaning the hotel as if they’re ready to open. And then the mother of the bride, still grieving and distressed by Strand’s killing of her dead-daughter, stabs him in the stomach.

One of the colony’s men who deliver the Oxy to the gang tries to flee with his family, only to be caught by them. While getting medical supplies at the same grocery store where Nick and Luciana get water from, Madison overhears the man being interrogated speaking about a kid she thinks may be Nick—and it is, though she can’t confirm without them nearly getting killed—and once they return to the hotel, she takes a risk of turning on the generator and the lights to signal to Nick if he’s out there. The lights, however, gain the attention of a disheveled Travis, bearded and Chris-less, wandering in the dark. And at the colony, Nick sees the gang in the distance, having found their location.

Meanwhile, Ofelia travels around to different places she’s been in search for (presumably) her ex-fiancee—seen with flashbacks to when he proposed to her and when she was going to tell her mother, learning that she may change her mind in order to care for her parents.


Travis looked alone
which makes me sort of excited at the possibility of Chris being gone for good—or as long as it takes for him to be less annoying. Then he can come back.


Ofelia’s story
really isn’t going anywhere. Her scenes were so few and far between in this episode that I’d forgotten she was shown in the beginning of the episode when her scene near the end came back. She didn’t really do anything but walk around, kill a Walker, and think about her past—giving us a few good flashback scenes, but otherwise, meh.

Madison’s judgement
when it comes to her kids is a little off. She seems to love Nick more than Alicia—and even Alicia is calling her out on it—but to the point that she nearly gets herself and Elena killed in the grocery store just to learn about Nick’s whereabouts. There comes a time when she needs to let him go—she spent a lot of time not knowing where he was before the world ended, so why is this any different?


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