Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 13: “Date of Death”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 13: “Date of Death”
Grade: C+

The last thing I wanted from this show was an episode of Fear the Walking Dead almost entirely focused on Travis and Chris’s story—and that’s what I received with the thirteenth episode “Date of Death.”

While the people of the hotel have to keep out a crowd of people trying to get in after seeing the hotel lights on, Madison sees Travis in the crowd. They let him in and he tells Madison what happened and why he’s not with Chris. In a flashback, the episode shows Travis trying to save one of the guys Chris has befriended from being shot, but as time goes on, and resources run out, the guys want to kill their friend to move on. Chris betrays his dad and they kill the wounded kid, then wanting to move on. Travis refuses to go—and is disinvited to by the guys—and Chris decides to go, disagreeing with Travis that what they did and what Chris did by killing the farmer was wrong.

Meanwhile, at the hotel some time later, they let in the crowd of people with all sorts of injuries and in need of medical attention. They don’t have enough supplies for them but they couldn’t leave them outside of the gates. As more people begin to gather at the fence, we see the guys Chris had gone with, but he’s nowhere to be found.

Overall a fine episode, but having an entire episode dedicated to Chris and Travis annoyed me. I’m more interested in Nick and the colony and what they’re going to do with the gang than a father and son arguing about whether killing someone is murder or not—for an hour.


Travis is back
and without Chris. I like Travis. He’s a solid character, the moral compass, a man who doesn’t want the end of the world to change their humanity. And that’s great. I think that’s important for trying to rebuild some sort of society (which is exactly what Madison is trying to do with the hotel).

Madison and Alicia
get a moment to talk about Madison’s apparent favoritism. She tells Alicia about what really happened to her father—that he killed himself—and that she didn’t want the same for Nick, as she’s always worrying about him for being so like his father, so she lied. She always assumed that Alicia was good, that she didn’t need her, and because of that, Alicia had to be. It was a great, emotional scene that brought the two closer together, mirroring the separation of Travis and Chris well.


Chris’s story
is increasingly becoming my least favorite aspect of the show. His character is annoying, these guys he’s wanting to survive with are annoying, and I just feel for Travis a lot. I wish it would’ve taken a different direction. And now that we’re here, seeing the other guys showing up at the hotel without Chris—which, first of all, we didn’t even get a proper length of time to imagine him being out of the picture and now all of a sudden the guys just happen to show up…ughhhh—I’m hoping he’s dead because honestly, I just can’t take anymore of his scenes. (I do like the actor, I just hate the character so much it’s not even enjoyable to watch.)


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