Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 14: “Wrath”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 14: “Wrath”
Grade: A-

In the penultimate episode of season two, Fear the Walking Dead creates a fantastic episode that works on many levels. We learn the fate of Chris, the colony is in danger and Alejandro’s been lying about being immune, and Travis goes full on Hulk and kills the American tourists.


Travis’s breakdown
in which he disregards his former stance on killing by beating the two Americans to death after finding out they’d killed Chris is one of the most intense, heartbreaking, and incredible scenes of the show. Madison not being able to get to Travis, an unstoppable force of anger, is heartbreaking to watch.

The flashbacks to Chris
being cruelly put down for being injured was terrifying to watch—and even though I wasn’t a fan of Chris—the saddest, most lonely (and preventable) death from the show so far. I stated in the last review that I hoped he was dead and now that I know how he died, I take it back. Going down the way he did was awful but, ultimately one of the best, most emotional parts of the episode.


is trying to get across the border, back to the US, and is captured by (what appears to be) some racist, anti-immigration-even-in-the-face-of-the-apocalypse man. Then we never see her again. Ofelia’s barely been in this half of the second season and I’m mostly annoyed. She showed promise in the beginning of the episode, taking out Walkers like nobody’s business, then she’s just not there anymore. Her story, since the very beginning of the series, has just felt pushed aside. I would like a full, Ofelia-centric episode in the future, thank you.


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