Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 15: “North”

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 15: “North”
Grade: B

In the finale episode of Fear the Walking Dead season two, Travis is banned from the hotel for committing violence, killing the two American tourists for killing Chris and one of the survivors by accident. The rest of them decide to go with him, Madison and Alicia, wanting to go find Nick, while Strand stays behind. Meanwhile, Nick leads the colony away with Luciana, leaving a dying Alejandro to use the surrounding infected to kill the gang coming after them. However, at the border, Nick and the colony are stopped by what appears to be the same border patrolling, anti-immigrant nut-jobs who had taken Ofelia, and now have taken Nick and Luciana hostage as the colony flee.

Overall, the second season worked much better than I expected it would have in my opinion. I wasn’t expecting the like it as much as I did. There were some lower moments, but for the most part, I liked the season and can’t wait for the third.

Average grade for the season: B


Alicia killed someone
when Travis was held at gunpoint with her knife. Not only did she kill someone, she killed someone she liked and had just been friendly with. She did so because she had to to save Travis, to save them all. And that’s what I love about Alicia and her steadily growing ability to get shit done when need be. She’s quickly becoming the strongest character on the show.


The cliffhanger
showing Nick and Luciana being captured and Madison and Travis just finding the colony as it’s empty of people and full of Walkers, still unable to find Nick, is troubling. I wish it would have ended differently. Even having Nick with the colony, walking toward a more promising future would have been solid, keeping my interest to know where they were going in the next season. Having them be attacked and then ending the season there didn’t work for me.


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