The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 1: “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 1: “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”
Grade: A-

So the time has come. Episode one of season seven has aired, one horrible death occurred and another unexpected death followed after it. Abraham is dead, having been the first of Negan’s victims, and after an outburst by Daryl, punching Negan, he kills Glenn, too, as punishment. Both deaths were shocking. Both devastating.

The entire episode was intense. Though not without its flaws, the episode worked well enough after the cliffhanger that we were left all summer to wonder about. I’m more excited for what’s to come, what’s to happen now that our people are under the thumb of Negan, broken and beaten and killed.


Abraham is dead
and Glenn is dead, too. (This is a highlight because I’m glad it wasn’t anyone unexpected, I wouldn’t have handled it well.) I called it months ago that it would be one of the two of them, Glenn having died in the comic book at this moment and Abraham having died in Denise’s slot in the comic, making it seem like they were trying to give a hint that it could be him instead of Glenn as a twist to fans of the comics…but both of them? Not expected. Which is another reason why this is a highlight. It was devastating and terrible and awful but done well. When they say that this is going to be a turning point, a midpoint of the show to where it’s going, that’s clear. This isn’t just going to impact the rest of the season but the rest of the series. And that’s both terrifying and exciting.

Rick and Negan’s
scenes in the RV and the smoke worked really well. The whole thing about him wanting to break Rick, to make him go from angry and devastated to submissive and devastated was intense. The entire episode was intense and sad and great.

The women
of the episode shined at the end. Maggie’s strength within her weakness, the only character left wanting to fight and kill Negan and his people for what they’ve done; Sasha and Rosita’s moment at the end, both having loved Abraham, that said so many things in very little time and it was fantastic.


The opening scene
which most of us have already seen, the sneak peek they showed within the last week of airing the premiere, was top notch. The intensity of just showing Negan and Rick, the tight shots of their faces was really fantastic. The dialogue and acting were incredible. The only thing is…there wasn’t anything new from the sneak peak. So, I didn’t feel like the episode really started until after the opening credits and then after the commercial, kind of ruining the anxious wait even more.

Speaking of, drawing out
who was killed didn’t do the show any favors. After that long of a wait, it should have been revealed within the first few moments, or at least after the sneak peek scene was showed and before the opening credits. Though, it wasn’t a complete failure because they did reveal (after the second commercial break) which was a relief as I thought they’d wait until the end of the episode. This made it better, but not perfect.


Glenn’s death,
while heartbreaking and in itself not a lowlight of the episode (though definitely a low point) pulled me right out of the episode because of the special effects makeup and the fact that he spoke for a moment (though his words were beautiful to Maggie). It just seemed too much, too gory, too unreal in a very realistic way. I think the moment would have worked better, more impactful to just have it be quicker, less painful to watch.

The small, tiny Sunday dinner
scene was a little too cheesy, a little too heartbreaking to work for me. If the episode was going for gut-wrenching and intense, it should’ve just left it at that. The moment was nice, just not for the episode. It was one notch too much.


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