The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 3: “The Cell”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 3: “The Cell”
Grade: B+

With the second episode after the premiere, The Walking Dead goes back to grim while getting an inside look into Negan and the Savior’s Sanctuary. The episode followed Dwight while he follows orders from Negan and tortures Daryl, a prisoner in a cell being fed dog food and forced to listen to the most annoying song known to man over and over at random intervals as loud as possible.

The episode did a great job of giving an inside look at the Sanctuary and how Negan rules over his people but didn’t advance anything story-wise. Daryl refused to work for Negan remains a prisoner doing grunt work.


was a surprise highlight of the episode. I didn’t expect her to be in the episode much at all, but since she was trying to help Daryl and the episode focused on Dwight, she was in it a lot. As Dwight’s ex-wife, now with Negan, and previously having met Daryl, she weaved herself within the episode, helping Daryl by telling him that he should just comply like she and Dwight have, convincing him not to try to escape, and apologizing for what’s happened to him, and she had a few moments with Dwight, showing their current relationship. Christine Evangelista is also an incredible actress and she definitely rocked the episode.


Daryl not complying
is one of the most frustrating things to watch. I know that he’s punishing himself, I know that he blames himself for what happened to Glenn and he thinks he deserves what’s happening to him, but I so badly want him to see him work for Negan only to take him down from the inside. I think it’s slightly more what Daryl would do.


is a fine character, but the fact that we’re kind of being forced to care for him in this episode after all the terrible things that he’s done and enabled is a little too much. It worked for the episode to see how Negan runs the place, but I didn’t care about Dwight. I still don’t. Maybe with more time, I could’ve started to care for him later on in the season, but I more cared about Daryl here, and didn’t want to have to care for Dwight, too.


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