The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 5: “Go Getters”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 5: “Go Getters”
Grade: B+

While the people Alexandria had to deal with their first encounter with Negan’s Saviors taking their stuff in the last episode, “Go Getters” follows Maggie and Sasha dealing with being stuck in Hilltop until Maggie gets better (which is for the remainder of her pregnancy, so says the doctor) while their leader wants them to leave, not wanting to be associated after what was done to the Alexandrians for killing Negan’s outpost. We also watch Carl and Enid grow closer as they travel to Hilltop alone and Carl decides to hitch a ride with Negan’s men from there with a plan to infiltrate the Sanctuary on his own.

Overall, it was a good episode, mainly because I like Maggie and Sasha’s friendship (and I just love Sasha, as she’s in my list of top five favorite characters on the show). But as the show continues to split everyone’s stories in this first half of the season, I’m starting to miss the others (especially Carol, who we’ve only seen in episode 2 so far) and I’m not entirely thrilled with all of these fragmented storylines away from Alexandria.


Maggie and Sasha’s
friendship is fantastic. They both lost someone in the premiere, Maggie losing Glenn and Sasha losing Abraham, and now they’re together at Hilltop supporting each other and mourning with each other, likely being stuck there, close to the doctor for the remainder of Maggie’s pregnancy.

Farm girl tractor smash
scene with Sasha, Jesus, and Maggie (mowing down Walkers and crushing the music-blaring car drawing them in with a tractor) was a delightful scene. I like scenes like this in the show, where killing Walkers is more fun action and less terrifying with close calls.


Carl and Enid’s
little trip to Hilltop annoyed me more than anything. As sweet and cute as it was, the two finding roller blades to ride on and skating down the road, it all seemed impractical. I doubt Carl would make the decision to wear them, as it would make it incredibly difficult and dangerous if Walkers were to bombard them.


Gregory is an asshole
and an asshole for almost no reason. As the leader of Hilltop, I get that he didn’t want any association after Rick and Co. killed everyone at the Savior’s outpost, but honestly a pregnant woman needs to be near a doctor. See how easy it was to hide Maggie and Sasha for a little while as the Saviors were there? And even still, I don’t think any questions would’ve been asked if they knew about Hilltop and Maggie needed the doctor. That doesn’t really incriminate Gregory or anyone at Hilltop at all. So I say again, Gregory is an asshole and not even a likable one.


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