The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 6: “Swear”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 6: “Swear”
Grade: A-

In the sixth episode of The Walking Dead’s season seven, the focus is completely on Tara—a secondary character who has been out on a run for most of last season and all of this season thus far—continuing the first half of the season’s theme of splitting everyone up and having each episode follow a different group of people, in some way. Tara is separated from Heath, her partner during the run, and falls of a bridge during a Walker attack, finding herself on a beach saved by a girl who shouldn’t have saved her, for the all-woman community she comes from doesn’t take kindly to strangers. In fact, they kill them on sight.

For the most part, this episode worked well and I loved it. Tara is another favorite character (and I’ve missed her) so I’ve been anticipating her return and I’m thrilled her got her own episode to tell the tale of her being missing. I also awaited her return to find out hat her girlfriend Denise was dead and that the Saviors had killed Glenn and Abraham. Overall, a fantastic episode. With this episode, I didn’t mind the fragmented stories the show’s been doing this first half of the season.


is a great character. She’s funny and positive, and even though she’s only a secondary character, she was surprisingly able to carry and entire episode on her own. The entire episode was made more enjoyable because of her as a character and Alanna Masterson’s performance.

is an awesome community. I love that they were all women (unfortunately that way because Negan and his men killed all of the men and older boys) and had an incredible system of remaining hidden and protected. It was badass and I hope to see some of the characters again (especially Cyndie, who was a great character and acted well by the young actress who played her.)


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