The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 7: “Sing Me A Song”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 7: “Sing Me A Song”
Grade: A-

With just one episode to go before the Walking Dead is done until February, the show makes an incredible episode that re-sparked my interest in the Saviors and Negan. While everyone goes on different runs, Rosita forces Eugene to make her a bullet for the gun she found, Rick and Aaron go on a run, as do Spencer and Father Gabriel, all the while Carl, having snuck into the back of the same truck as Jesus to go to the Sanctuary, kills several of Negan’s men and is taken on the grand tour of the place with Negan himself as his guide.

This was one of the best episode so far of the season, as we’re able to get an even grander look at the Sanctuary and how it works on the inside, even more so than we had in third episode, “The Cell,” and the dynamic between Carl and Negan was interesting to watch, making it an incredibly tense episode.


Carl in the Sanctuary
was the focus of the episode and it really did a great job at making more sense of how the Saviors’ community works and how Negan rules over them. Carl gets a front row seat in the tour, seeing the vast amount of people who work for Negan, seeing Negan’s many wives, and witnessing a similar deal of what had happened to Dwight’s face, watching a man be burned by “the iron” for sneaking off with one of Negan’s wives. It was especially interesting to watch how Negan handled Carl, forcing him to take his eyepatch off—which was shot in a way that mimicked a woman revealing herself to man, especially the enjoyment that Negan took out of it, which to me shows how twisted Negan is in just one shot—and making Carl sing him a song. This was all essential to understanding Negan more and with Negan being toned down a little in this episode, being able to see him work with his people and take on less of that persona he has, really worked in the favor of the character’s tolerability.

Negan in Alexandria
was just as fantastic. I loved the scenes with him and Olivia, the tension and anxiety of knowing that at any moment, he could kill any one of them. The tour of the house and him waiting on the porch for Rick to return, holding Judith, made my skin crawl.


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