Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 2: “A Door Into the Dark”

Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 2: “A Door Into the Dark”
Grade: B-

Shadowhunters second episode of season two picks up where they left off in the premiere: Clary is upset after her mother attempted to kill Jace—who she believes is a demonic evil experiment baby because of the demon blood Valentine injected her with while pregnant—and because Alec blames Clary for Jace having been taken. She feels unwelcome and misses her old life, so she visits the art school she’d been wanting to go to, is kidnapped by a still-alive Dot being forced to work for Valentine, and attempts an escape with Jace. Meanwhile, the vampires want Camille and Simon is tasked to find her as the only vampire left having been Turned by her, so he and Magnus search for her.

The episode was fine. The same complaints, the same frustrations—but at least everything looks better this season. Overall it wasn’t a terrible episode but I just want to be wowed with this series. I want the same feeling I had when reading the books to capture me, fall in love. But I’m still at a point where I’m watching out of obligation, hope dwindling.


fighting that boxing club guy was awesome. The fight scenes in general are all getting so much better. Also just Isabelle in general is really great and cares so much for the people around her and fights for them. She’s definitely a constant highlight throughout the entire series.


Simon looking for Camille
sort of feels like they’re just trying to find something for Simon to be doing while the main story is continuing on. Simon has a lot of good stuff coming—like telling his mom he’s a vampire, becoming the Daylighter, etc.—but none of that is happening yet so they have him involved in some ridiculous turf war with the werewolves, hanging out in the old boat warehouse, and searching for Camille—for what reason, must have missed because it doesn’t seem that important. I think sometimes it’s okay to just have Simon be there as a friend to Clary, hanging out with Luke, and that’s it. He doesn’t have to have his own story in every single episode.

as always. There were a few good emotional scenes that were written well, the funny lines are funny, but the in between lines are just bland.


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