The Magicians – Season 2, Episode 1: “Knight of Crowns”

The Magicians – Season 2, Episode 1: “Knight of Crowns”
Grade: A

The Magicians is back and it’s perfeeeeeect. This show is so great I just want to hug it all the time. I know last season I was critical of some aspects of the show—because as much as I loved it and loved and loved it, there were things that bothered me. And with the first episode of the new season now here, I seemed to have completely forgot them because this show is perfect and I love it so so so much. Honestly, everything I was critical about has been fixed—Julia’s storyline not quite working for me and the pacing and not having a great arc for the Beast—all in the first episode.

In the episode, while the aftermath of the Beast pretty much killing everyone and chopping off Penny’s hands, Quentin and the gang journey to find a library—which may contain books in order to learn battle magic to defeat the Beast—only accessible to the High King of Fillory, which means they have to officially be crowned. Meanwhile, Julia and the Beast draw up a contract to work together to find Reynard the Fox and kill him.


The crowning
of Eliot and Margo as High King and Queen and Quentin and Alice as the other king and queen was perfect. Eliot’s tribute to Dirty Dancing and the characters all coming together after they were all dealing with the threesome and being mad at each other.

Julia and the Beast
working together, their plot lines intertwined, is exactly what I want from this show. Julia’s story no longer feels separated from the rest of the show and the Beast is now a larger part of the story—a great move that I think makes the show seem more cohesive.


The one thing
I didn’t love about this first episode is how quickly resolved the cliffhanger was—they just showed Alice in a quick flashback saving everyone after coming back to life, when that easily could’ve been shown normally. I think it would have been stronger showing this as a scene. Especially because this show likes to do this—in the episode immediately following the Beast showing up at Brakebills, they just explain with quick flashbacks how they got rid of him instead of letting the action play out in a real scene.


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