Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 5: “Dust and Shadows”

Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 5: “Dust and Shadows”
Grade: B+

In the fifth episode of the second season, Shadowhunters almost completely steps away from the books and…I didn’t hate it? With Jocelyn now dead, and this episode revolving around Clary dealing with her death, the show is definitely not like the books at all in this episode, however it worked. This is the kind of episode I’ve wanted from the show—if it’s going to derail from the books, it better be good, and this episode was good.

Clary, with the help of Alec, goes to a sketchy warlock that will help her revive her mother using dark magic; Isabelle struggles with the wound that won’t heal which she received in the previous episode, being given yin fen, a powerful and addictive demon drug (strangely placed here where it should be living in the prequel trilogy The Infernal Devices set in the Victorian era) that helps her shoulder heal though its addictive qualities seem to be taking effect on her; and Simon struggles to hide his vampire ways after moving back in with his mom and sister, eventually revealing the truth.

Overall, the episode was good. The only storyline that followed the books was Simon’s, which was handled well and worked perfectly. The rest of the episode, doesn’t follow the books at all and I still enjoyed it because of three reasons: the writing is so much better now, the episode was done well, and the storylines they followed were interesting with emotional moments that worked. Also the acting has improved tenfold from season one—probably thanks to better writing.


Clary going to the warlock
Iris Rouse was an interesting arc that I truly believe Clary, as a character from the books, would do. If Jocelyn had died in the books around that time, I think Clary would try to find a warlock to bring her mother back and it would go completely wrong. The actress playing Iris Rouse was fantastic, the moments with the little girl and the bird were great, and the demon—the demon was actually terrifying and the effects (looked all practical) were incredible.

Simon’s story
with telling his mom about being a vampire is really a heartbreaking part of the books. I’m excited to see where they go from where they left off—Simon drinking the blood from a literal rat in his room—and hope the emotion lands with his mother’s reaction. So far I like what they’ve built up to.

The funeral
scene was surprisingly emotional and beautiful. Clary breaking down was well-acted and made me cry, and Jace comforting her was a great moment. And I loved that they kept them being all in white for mourning and even though Jocelyn’s death is so unlike the books, I understand what they’re doing and I’m on board.


Yin fen
being introduced here seems strange. I associate the drug with Jem from The Infernal Devices exclusively, so having it show up now is strange. However, I do like the idea of it—and the way they shot it, the immediate effect it had on her was cool—and having Isabelle use it to help cope with her shoulder and possibly deal with an addiction storyline for her could be interesting, as long as its handled well and doesn’t come off too cheesy.


What’s with Aldertree?
I’m confused with him—what’s his deal? I know he’s part of the Clave and the Clave has issues but. What’s his motive? Is he a good guy? A bad guy? In between? Just a foil for the main characters plans? Does he want to sleep with Isabelle now because I definitely got a vibe during the yin fen scene? He’s just bothering me. He’s also good looking and has accent so he can stay, I’m just saying, what’s up, dude? Why?


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