Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 6: “Iron Sisters”

Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 6: “Iron Sisters”
Grade: B

In the sixth episode of the new season, “Iron Sisters” takes Clary and Isabelle to Citadel of the Iron Sisters, the Shadowhunters who make the angelic weapons, on a mission to find information in defeating Valentine—with Aldertree using Isabelle’s new addiction to yin fen as incentive to spy on Clary while there. Meanwhile, with Luke gone battling with his grief after Jocelyn’s death by full on wolfing out, Simon and Maia go in search for him, and Magnus and Alec go on their official first date.

Overall, the episode wasn’t quite as good as the previous episode, though the show is still on the right track. Everything is improving, especially in comparison to the first season, but I’m still questioning some plot decisions they are making and hoping it all comes together.


Simon and Maia
have some great, funny scenes in this episode. I like their chemistry and can see things starting to happen, which gets me excited. I love the actress who plays Maia and I love Maia in general, so having more time with her is great. And Simon is always funny, so this storyline worked well for some comedic relief and emotional scenes with Simon trying to calm down Luke—though I’m still unconvinced that Luke acting the way he is via wolf form is like in the books, it just seems like odd behavior for wolves to struggle with emotions like that and not be able to control their hunger/anger. Luke was hangry and I don’t get it.


The Iron Sisters
were nothing like I pictured. I wish they hadn’t shown up here so early in the show, but I get how the writers want to show the world as much as possible to build a greater picture of the world. But I didn’t hate how the Sisters were depicted, it was just different. Having Cleophas be Luke’s sister and not mother didn’t really do much for me because I don’t remember her from the books, though I did instantly find it strange because I knew about Amatis, so that confused me. Overall, I liked a lot of the Citadel and the test they had to pass in order to enter—though thought it was silly they needed to change into white dresses for it—but the Iron Sisters were kind of…meh. That’s done, moving on.


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