The Magicians – Season 2, Episode 3: “Divine Elimination”

The Magicians – Season 2, Episode 3: “Divine Elimination”
Grade: A

In the third episode of the second season of The Magicians, the new kings and queens of Fillory are sidetracked when the curse the Beast left for the royal court—sitting on their thrones and becoming paranoid, wanting to kill each other—takes affect leaving Penny and Eliot’s bride to find a solution. Meanwhile, with the help of Marina, Julia and the Beast summon Reynard and it all goes wrong from there.

This episode was so incredible, it felt like a finale. The battle with the Beast was just as satisfying as I hoped it would be and Alice as a character, and Olivia Taylor Dudley’s performance, really shined. The majority of the episode focused on a completely unrelated storyline of the curse placed on the palace, though still great, felt slightly disjointed. Overall, it was an incredible episode—I just can’t wait to see where the show goes from here now that the Beast has been defeated.


Alice sacrificing herself
to kill the Beast was a beautiful, heartbreaking moment that had a season finale-level of intensity that put this episode as one of the best from the show so far. How they did it, with Alice tormenting the Beast while fighting, showing her turning into a niffin, and then Alice as a niffin taking down the Beast was really spectacular. They made an interesting risk placing this part of the story in the third episode of the season (rather than the finale of last season, as one would expect or midway through the current season) ending the arc of the Beast being the villain and losing a main character. A bold choice that I don’t dislike—though it’s how they handle the next few episodes and the season as a whole that will make it or break this decision for me. (I’ve only read about the first book in the trilogy, so only know what happens in that book. I don’t know much about what happens later on.)

Marina and Reynard
was such a dark, terrifying scene that left my mouth open and eyes wide. He turned her cat inside out. HER TURNED HER CAT INSIDE OUT AND THEN BIT OFF HER FINGER. I don’t know who I’m more terrified of, the Beast or Reynard.


The curse of the castle
from the Beast mentioned in the previous episode manifests itself here. I loved this idea. I loved the way it was done. I loved everything about the gang all being against each other, wanting to kill one another under the curse with only Penny there to fix the problem. The only thing is, I wish this would’ve been its own episode. I think with some rearranging with the previous episode, it could’ve made for a great second episode, moving the return to Brakebills and looking for the spell to this episode leading right into the battle with the Beast. Especially with the mention of the curse in the previous episode—though the subplot of the demons they magic into their backs wouldn’t quite work out how planned, they could’ve thought of something. However, it’s how it worked out and I don’t dislike it entirely—I just wish it wouldn’t seem as jarring going from a silly curse and Penny figuring out how to fix it and then immediately getting to the battle. It seemed off, but workable.


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