Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 7: “How Are Thou Fallen”

Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 7: “How Are Thou Fallen”
Grade: B+

Now with the seventh episode, the second season of Shadowhunters has continued on a fairly solid streak of good episodes. “How Are Thou Fallen” begins with Cleophas showing up at Valentine’s lair to tell him about Clary’s ability to create new runes, though he doesn’t believe her, and she ends up looking for Clary and Luke, trying to win them over and bring Clary—who has been hearing strange, loud noises that only she can hear—to her father. When Cleophas learns of Clary hearing the noise she recognizes it as a call of an angel, having been captured and tortured by Valentine, it changes her opinion of Valentine and she wants to help Clary.

Meanwhile, Simon and Maia go on their first date—after Simon gets some terrible advice from Jace about being more suave—and Alec wants to take his relationship to the next level with Magnus. Isabelle has become desperate for more yin fen and goes to great lengths to get some. Overall, the episode is a really good episode when looked at solely from the perspective of the show, and even though it has some great moments I’ve been wanting from the books…plot-wise, it’s a mess. It’s like they’re stretching book two over the stories of book one (in season one) and book three (now in season two)—with elements from the others, too—and creating a bit of a mess.


being such a supporter up until she realizes that he has an angel captured and torturing it, is a great arc for her character. Though completely derailing from the books, I like her as a character and having her a part of this portion of the story seems coherent and is working well.

Jace and Simon
scenes in the bar were hilarious and what I’ve been waiting for. Jace was finally like in the books with his attitude and Simon is always one of the best parts of the show. The whole story of Simon trying to change for Maia was really solid.


With Isabelle and yin fen,
I still don’t know where they are going or how she’ll get out of this one. With Magnus now confirming that it’s made of vampire venom and not from a demon like in The Infernal Devices, even mentioning Jem, I’m not sure how to feel about how they’re handling yin fen—though I’m enjoying the storyline for Isabelle.


was just an old man. His wings were just…standard angel wings. The way the angels were described in the book were so beautiful, and Ithuriel himself was described so more golden and mythical and younger. It just sort of didn’t do it for me. The entire scene in general—in the books during City of Glass, the third book—was so incredible and it just didn’t live up to it at all. I’m not sure where they are going to go with it from here.


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