The Magicians – Season 2, Episode 4: “The Flying Forest”

The Magicians – Season 2, Episode 4: “The Flying Forest”
Grade: B+

After the big battle with the Beast in the previous episode, the fourth episode of The Magicians deals with the aftermath. Quentin—after weeks of surgeries done by centaurs—now has a magic wooden shoulder to replace his wound from the Beast and as he wakes up alone, he’s confronted with all the emotion of losing Alice and then having to deal with Penny being a dick to him—who, to be fair, is dealing with a lot of bullshit with his hands. After getting Quentin to chop off his hands, they both go in search of the White Lady, a mythical deer-like creature that will grant them a wish if caught. After getting lost in the Flying Forest, which makes you completely high, they shoot the White Lady, allowing them each a wish: Penny gets his hands back and Quentin, after not being able to bring someone back from the dead, as he wanted to with Alice, asks to be returned home and leave Fillory.

Meanwhile, Julia and Kady, who has returned after hiding during Reynard’s first attack at the end of the last season, go on a hunt for a Brakebills book in order to revive the dead and frozen Marina for a few minutes after she left a code carved into her arm as a clue. Eliot and Margo struggle with being High King and Queen, so they come up with a way for Eliot to mentally leave Fillory for a break. He gets some help with ruling from Dean Fogg and Margo finds Julia copying the text of a Brakebills library book at the cottage and reluctantly helps her.

Overall a great episode for the Fillory gang, but Julia and Kady’s story, while at first and dark at the end, felt like it went almost nowhere. With the Beast dead and Reynard missing, this is the first time since the beginning of the season that the immediacy of needing to defeat a villain is gone. Reynard is presumably the next villain to go after, but with leaving that part to solely Julia, it makes the main group of characters have almost nothing to strive for anymore—now they’re just Kings and Queens in a magical land. However, having Quentin and Penny have a goal of catching the White Lady worked enough—but there characters need a goal, and if that’s helping Julia kill Reynard, that would be great. It would finally bring Julia into the rest of the group and making her the a quasi-villain of screwing up the main group’s plans for her own.


The White Lady
was incredible. The makeup used, the actress playing her, and the role the character played within the episode was all just fantastic. Definitely the best part of the episode and the entire scene worked so incredibly well for sending off Quentin into the real world as he no longer wishes to be in Fillory.

The Flying Forest
gives you a contact high, giving us a tripping Quentin and Penny  duo that was so hilarious I couldn’t even handle it. They go around in circles for so long—and “Where are my stuff touchers?” is my favorite line of this season, probably of the entire show.

Eliot’s sexuality
is being explored more with his wife and I’m wondering if they’re going in a direction of him realizing he’s bisexual—which would be a great if true. Especially great because there are not many openly bisexual men on television, though the show has Quentin so that’s great already, so if they don’t go that route it would be fine, but if they did, great.


Julia and Kady
worked well together—I loved that Kady is back and they’re working together. I don’t like how their story basically went nowhere. They revived Marina for a few seconds to get information and Marina…wasn’t that helpful? Telling them that they have to kill Reynard and some vague way of someone else being able to summon him—unless I misunderstood what she said, isn’t that already what they tried to do? Julia’s story is starting to feel like last season’s again already, separate from the main plot and away from the rest of the cast, which is one of the biggest problems I had with the first season, even though I enjoyed her journey and the show anyway.


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