The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 10: “New Best Friends”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 10: “New Best Friends”
Grade: B+

Rick and the Alexandrians attempt to convince the strange group, the Scavengers, led by Jadis, to join them in the fight against the Saviors. Jadis refuses unless Rick can prove himself being capable by shoving him down into a trash pit with a spike-covered Walker. Meanwhile, Daryl stops Richard from tricking the Saviors into attacking Carol, thinking it will get Ezekiel to join Rick. After Daryl threatens to kill him if he does, Daryl reunites with Carol but doesn’t tell her anything, including about the deaths of Glenn and Abraham, knowing that if he did, she would need to fight the Saviors though she doesn’t want to.

The episode wasn’t the best episode, even though I like how weird Jadis and the Scavengers are, mostly because the episode’s structure was so strange, making the pacing of the first half of the episode annoying and almost slow. Other than that, I enjoyed the episode a lot.


were weird but I loved it. Jadis, the leader, was played incredibly by the actress she plays. I like that we’re seeing different types of groups in the new world. I find that the leaders of each group have whatever personality the majority of the group does, as if with limited contact with others, the group’s leader sets the tone and personality for the group. Rick’s brave and hopeful = Alexandrian’s brave and hopeful, Negan’s an asshole = Saviors are assholes, Ezekiel is theatrical = his followers are the same, Jadis is strange = her people are strange. I liked the dynamic and the way the Scavengers communicated and acted, even if the tone of the show changed a little for the episode, it worked well.

Daryl and Carol’s
reunion made me cry. The fact that Daryl didn’t tell Carol about the others to protect her from not wanting to fight, him threatening Richard to save Carol—other than the Scavengers, it was a very Carol/Daryl-centric episode, and we haven’t seen that dynamic in a long time.


Structure of the episode
was awful. We first get a moment between the Saviors and the Kingdom, a scene with Richard and Daryl, and then another scene with Richard and Daryl before we even got back to the Alexandrian group at the junkyard, a full twenty minutes into the hour.


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