Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 8: “Love is a Devil”

Shadowhunters – Season 2, Episode 8: “Love is a Devil”
Grade: B+

The eighth episode of the new season of Shadowhunters follows the characters as they attend a party for Max, the youngest Lightwood, as he is to receive his first runes during a special Shadowhunter ceremony. Just before, Simon is finally able to profess his love for Clary and they start dating. At the party, eventually it’s clear that someone is messing with the heads of the party guests—Clary seeing Simon kissing Mia, Alec thinking Clary is wanting him to kill himself, Jace believing that Maryse is trying to kill him—and it’s revealed to be Iris, the warlock Clary made a blood oath with, wanting her favor.

This episode is an excellent example of how to correctly adapt a book to a series—not every episode has to directly relate to the plot, having fun with the characters makes for good television and enables the story to stretch out over many episodes. The show did this well in the first season with “This World Inverted,” taking a situation that didn’t happen in the books but was fun to watch. Though the episode wasn’t perfect, it worked well as an (almost) self-contained episode with little advancement in plot of the show as a whole.


Episode concept
was interesting and felt natural for the story. Having all the characters go through an event that didn’t happen in the books is usually awful, but here it worked. It’s what the show should be doing more to be keeping with the books—episodes that follow the plot along with the books and episodes that play with the characters in self-contained episodes that don’t mess with the plot.

Simon and Clary
are together and it’s wonderful. I never liked them together in the books or even in the show, but having them briefly date is fun and what I’ve been waiting for. It’s part of the story and is working well enough for now in the show to keep the tension between Jace’s want for Clary more evident as he becomes more jealous. It’s good stuff.

Magnus at the party
using his magic in a big, powerful way was so incredible to see. It’s exactly the kind of movement, power, and grace I’d expect from book-Magnus. The final fight scene between Magnus and Iris was done really well.

Spanish music
was used in the episode (as the party was a theme party) and I didn’t hate it? It sounds stupid, but the music made the show like a Spanish soap opera and I almost enjoyed it more than the actual music they usually play during scenes? The drama was so much better because of it.


Yin fen
is not what is in the books (I should say, actually, the yin fen in the show is not what it is in the prequel trilogy, which isn’t even a part of the show). If it had been called anything else, just another drug name or something, it would’ve been better. I like the idea of having Isabelle go through this but it’s ruining yin fen and the concept of it in the world of the books. Yin fen isn’t even made from vampire venom, so why even call it yin fen? Why bring it up at all? Having Isabelle become addicted to a vampire venom drug called something else would’ve been fine and interesting on its own. Having it be yin fen, mentioning Jem, is just making me angry and dislike this storyline.


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