The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 11: “Hostiles and Calamities”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 11: “Hostiles and Calamities”
Grade: A-

In the eleventh episode of the Walking Dead season seven, we follow the Saviors exclusively again at the time of returning with Eugene as their captive and just after Daryl escaped. Dwight deals with the ramifications of Daryl escaping, with the help from his ex-wife Sherry, and Eugene learns that instead of being a captive, he’s now considered to be one of the most important new members of the Saviors, being able to create bullets and having a brilliant mind, he’s given a nice room and is treated well.

There were interesting parallels to the third episode of the season, “The Cell” where Daryl is being captive and it features Dwight dealing with being under Negan’s thumb: Eugene is given a nice room,  takes to being a Savior (out of true want or as a defense mechanism) and is asked what his name is, to which he replies “Negan” before Negan can even get out the question; he plays the Easy Street song in his room, the same that Daryl was tortured with; Dwight is locked in a cell by Negan in order to teach him a lesson; Dwight goes on a run to find Sherry, similar to in “The Cell” to find the missing man.

Overall, the episode was really great. It had a lot of layers to it and the focus on Eugene becoming a Savior (again, whether by choice or defensively is still unclear) was really great. Even Negan was more tolerable in this episode, though not any less of an asshole. One of the best episodes from this season for sure.


becoming a Savior was really interesting. It very well could be him dealing with the situation in the best way he knows how (lying in defense) but he does seem to take being a Savior. It’s an interesting storyline that I’m excited to see where it goes.

is much more likeable now in this episode. With “The Cell,” we were sort of forced to sympathize with him, but I think it had been too soon. In this episode, now that we’ve been able to get to know Dwight with the third episode and understand he and Sherry’s reasoning for staying, we’re able to feel bad for Dwight more naturally. We’re able to root for him more and hope that he eventually turns on Negan. But that’s still hard to do because of all he’s done—killing Denise one of the big ones—but we know that he’s been doing it just to survive, that being a Savior was better than being dead, but as Sherry states in her letter—they were wrong, it’s not better.


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