The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 13: “Bury Me Here”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 13: “Bury Me Here”
Grade: A-

The thirteenth episode of The Walking Dead season seven, “Bury Me Here” or “Melongate,” as I like to call it, is one of the best episodes of this second half of the season. Focusing on the Kingdom and Carol, during the drop with the Saviors, a melon goes missing and Benjamin is killed for it—though it’s revealed Richard had stolen the melon so they were show, knowing it would get himself killed in order for Ezekiel to see that they need to fight—and Morgan teeters on the edge of sanity once again because of it. Morgan accepts that they need to fight and uses Richard’s plan against him, killing him to show the Saviors they will be good, while planning to fight against them later. After telling Carol the truth about what happened to Glenn and Abraham, Morgan and Carol are both ready to fight along side Ezekiel and the Kingdom, who finally agrees that they need to fight with the Alexandrians and Hilltop.

An emotional episode with an interesting story as Richard enacts a plan to get himself killed, which eventually triggers a breakdown in Morgan, which results in Carol learning the truth about the Saviors, and all of this brings Ezekiel to the decision that they will fight. Overall, it’s one of the best episodes in this second half of season seven, bringing back Carol—hopefully in a more active permanent way—and finally getting the Kingdom to join up with Rick against the Saviors.


With the melon situation
getting Benjamin killed, Morgan once again falls into his unhinged state that had been suppressed for so long by changing his lifestyle of no killing. He’d been feeling like a father-figure to Benjamin, confusing him for his son Duane when speaking about him to Ezekiel after killing Richard, and this brought Morgan just enough back over the edge to want to fight the Saviors with Rick. Lennie James did an incredible performance, as always, and Morgan killing Richard and getting Ezekiel and the others to want to fight the Saviors, tricking the Saviors into thinking they’ll be good, as Richard was going to do, is an interesting direction for Morgan to go and I can’t wait to see what this does to Morgan, teetering on the edge of sanity once again.

Carol has returned
from hiding out in the cottage near the Kingdom, power-walking right back to the Kingdom, taking out Walkers, getting shit done, and just being Carol. Anything to do with Carol is fantastic stuff for the show, she brings so much to each episode and Melissa McBride is a phenomenal actress. It’s a shame we’ve seen so little of her this season and that she’s been tucked away for so long being inactive.

Richard’s plan
stealing the melon to get himself killed and to get King Ezekiel to see that they have to fight, was, technically, a good plan. As a character, I like Richard, his role in the plot of getting things started, because it creates great tension. He wants the same things as Rick and the gang, to go after Negan and the Saviors, but he’s doing it all wrong—wanting to allow Carol to be harmed by the Saviors in order to get King Ezekiel to fight, wanting himself to be killed to get them to fight and getting Benjamin killed instead. And finally, Morgan takes it upon himself to kill him to get the same thing accomplished, which was necessary. Because as much as Richard made for good TV, he needed to go or he’d make more stupid—though well-meaning—decisions about the coming war.


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