The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 14: “The Other Side”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 14: “The Other Side”
Grade: B+

In the fourteenth episode of The Walking Dead—with only two left of season seven—we follow the goings on at Hilltop while some of the Saviors come to retrieve Dr. Carson after his brother, the Sanctuary’s doctor, was killed by Negan a few episodes ago. But mostly we follow Sasha and Rosita, enacting the plan they’d set out to do in the previous episode, going straight to the Sanctuary to kill Negan—a not great plan that may lead to Sasha’s death.

Overall, the episode was really good. It didn’t feel like I was missing any of the other characters, even though they weren’t even on screen, because the focus on those who were involved was tight and sometimes intense. It never felt like a boring episode, never slowed too much. Sasha and Rosita really shined in this episode—even if their plan is faulty and stupid and could get them killed—and I liked it a lot. The fact that Sasha may be killed because of the results of their actions here doesn’t make me happy at all—but since technically nothing has happened to her yet, I’ll grade the episode on what has happened, and what has happened was a really good (if not a little flawed) episode.


Sasha and Rosita
being the central storyline in this episode worked nicely. Though I still dislike the way everyone feels so disconnected and separated, sometimes the show does well with a focused episode on just one or two characters (in the previous two episodes they did just as good of a job with Rick and Michonne (and Tara and Rosita) and in the last with Morgan and Carol (and Richard and the Kingdom), so I’ve been appreciating it more in the later half of this season than in the first). Letting Sasha and Rosita work together, say their piece about Abraham, and try to move past their differences made for a good episode. What actually happened with them wasn’t as great—more below. I did like the inclusion of Eugene’s true feelings about being at the Sanctuary—he’s lying just like always, a true coward until the end. And I somehow appreciate and respect it. Do whatever you have to do to survive, Eugene, you do you and all that.

Hilltop scenes
were good. I liked seeing Maggie again, the moment with her and Daryl in the cellar had me in tears, and everything worked really well. The intensity of them hiding in the cellar was great and that getaway tunnel Sasha and Rosita go through is genius. Totally using that idea during the apocalypse. I only hope that Gregory dies. Soon. He’s just so annoying I can’t take it. And Jesus came out by saying he’d found it hard getting close to anyone, including neighbors and boyfriends—I’m glad they’re keeping his sexuality the same from the comics.


Sasha and Rosita’s plan
is a mess. Or at least Rosita’s plan is initially, and Sasha’s plan is at the end. First of all, Sasha’s plan to use a sniper rifle on top of a building outside of the Sanctuary to kill Negan is a HELL OF A LOT SMARTER than charging in there. And when they did finally do that, and didn’t get the perfect shot immediately, they could’ve waited for another chance. I don’t care if they just found out about Dr. Carson being taken to the Sanctuary, Maggie isn’t going to die without him for a few more hours or even another day—hell a WEEK—of waiting for the perfect shot if it meant getting a chance to get out of there alive. Rosita’s plan is a suicide mission that doesn’t make any sense. Second plan, Sasha locking Rosita out of the Sanctuary because the others “need her” (As if they don’t need Sasha, the greatest shot and one of the strongest people on the show; not to say Rosita isn’t an asset as well, but come on, let’s not try to compare the two with strengths! You’re both important, stop this nonsense and try to get out alive, the both of you!) is a straight up mistake on the writers part. Nope. NO. First of all, Sasha didn’t even like this plan. What’s her motivation?! WHY? Just because she thinks Rosita is more of an asset?? Because she thinks nobody needs her anymore? Fuck that. Sasha knows how good she is and how much they’ll need her during the war, just as much if not more than Rosita, and the fact that she didn’t even think Rosita’s plan was good and she thought there could be a chance they survive if they do it Sasha’s way, why would Sasha do it? Rosita is the one with the death wish right now, not Sasha. It should’ve been Rosita locking out Sasha. End of story. If this is Sasha’s end, I’ll be pissed. This may also be completely biased because Sasha is one of my favorite characters on this show and Rosita has become one of my least (though I used to love her, too).

Other than that, I thought the episode was great.


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