The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 15: “Something They Need”

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 15: “Something They Need”
Grade: B

In the penultimate episode of the season, “Something They Need” follows Sasha—who is not dead, (THANK YOU)—who is being held captive similar to Daryl, with Negan wanting her to join the Saviors, meanwhile Rick is informed by Tara about Oceanside and they all decide to take over the camp to steal their guns…which somehow isn’t at all Negan-like to anyone on the show. This episode is strange, the characters making odd decisions, and it doesn’t quite fit the season—it feels like just a bridge to get to the finale by making whatever the writers needed for it to happen to get there, even if it didn’t make any sense.


Sasha isn’t dead
and that’s great. I still think her decision int he precious episode was stupid (and again, unlike her character and more like what Rosita would’ve done to Sasha) but since she didn’t die, I’ll allow it. Her scenes with Negan were good—though I doubt Negan would want to keep Sasha as a Savior after she tried killing him, a scene in which we never see, another strange choice by the show—and Eugene bringing her the poison he made for Negan, thinking she wanted to kill herself when she was trying to get a weapon to attack, was a great moment that worked really well. Eugene is a smart character and he did what he thought was best for Sasha to allow herself to die, which made her plan for a weapon backfire.

wants to help Rick and the Alexandrians, hating Negan and wanting to betray him. Solid potential here for a great story with Dwight and getting the others some information that is needed to take down Negan and the Saviors—and it came very organically. We see that Dwight is struggling throughout this whole season with staying, with wanting to run and be with Sherry again. But how easily are they going to forgive Dwight for all the terrible things he’s done? How will Daryl? How will Tara? There’s a lot coming with Dwight and I’m excited to see how it comes about.


Seriously not a single person
mentioned that Rick’s tactics with Oceanside is very Savior-like? No one from Oceanside is going to mention, “What makes you better than them? Taking our guns like they took yours?” NOTHING? No comparisons when what they’re doing is completely awful to the women of Oceanside? Leaving them with nothing? And Tara is just on board with this? None of those scenes made any sense and I’m disappointed. There could’ve been a lot of meaningful conversation about the decisions they’re making, but instead it was just “Tara betrayed you, give us your guns, goodbye.” And some of them even want to fight WITH them? I know that no one was hurt or killed, so completely different, but not really at all? That could’ve been more, there should’ve been more to it, but there wasn’t. They just smile and skip away with the guns like it wasn’t an awful thing to do.


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